Sculptural and Stunning: Lighting Appreciation

Feature Image: Misu 2 Restaurant, Bengaluru by FADD Studio; Photography credits: Gokul Rao Kadam

Light fixtures are no longer just a utilitarian source of light. They are intelligent works of art with graceful curves, unique forms, and intricate details capable of shaping the very essence of a room’s design. Lighting can be a masterpiece in its own right, bringing out the aesthetics while conjuring up a spell-binding effect. They are the unsung heroes of design that equip you to play with the shadows. Let’s go through some of the most interesting lighting fixtures that can illuminate and imbue diverse spaces with a visual allure. Let there be light!

Where eyes set. Brightly.

The BOMBUS table can be many things – a focal point or a fixture to create ambient lighting or layered lighting. The lamp that can be placed on a desk or any other surface has survived the test of time. It was designed skillfully by Lars Bessfelt for ateljé Lyktan in 1986, inspired by the craftsmanship of wagon wheels. It continues to be a cherished favorite in the realm of lighting design. Choose from smoked oak or in whitewashed ash for the base and brushed brass or aluminum for the details.

A luminous, artistic narrative.

The Fagerhult Tibi Pendant is a round beam decorative luminaire designed with sheer elegance in mind. With its diffuser crafted from specular opal acrylic and the luminaire body and decorative edge ring in aluminum, it offers a minimalist aesthetic that suits various interior styles. Customizable finishes, efficient tunable white LED technology, and versatile installation options make it a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces, especially for dynamic, and energy-efficient lighting.

A sculpture? A luminaire? Sculpinaire.

Inner Peace Table Lamp aims to brings just what its name promises. The feminine sculpted form, placed on its base comes to life, weaving a narrative of beauty and grace. The sculpture is accentuated by the contrast of structured lines, evoking a symphony of artistic expression and design brilliance. Add a touch of art and elevate the visual appeal of the most bland design concepts. It makes light poetic.

From then to now and forever.

A product of creative experimentation from the 1960s, Clan finds itself at the fusion of contemporary and classic design. It is crafted with an ingenious thermoforming process that can create spherical shapes with varying degrees of transparency and allows for PVC to be blown like glass. Fuelled by a design philosophy and eco-conscious ethos, iGuzzini has made the lamp available in the floor, pendant and table versions. Take your pick from their original colours: white, yellow and orange.

Spring is coming.

Finding its muse in the coming of a new season and blossoming of flowers, Primavera’s masterfully hand blown crystal glass petals exude an ethereal, feathery lightness. Its clear and golden hues create a magical ambience that is second to none. Adorn a space with Primavera as the focal point and experience aesthetic transcendence. Its varied colour options like crystal rose, crystal cognac mist, among others help it blend effortlessly into any design theme.

A triangular, bold statement.

Enhance aesthetics with this suspended triangular pendant light from Zero Lighting and play with scale for your design theme. Place it over the expands of a table for focused task lighting or above a cosy seating area for ambient illumination to create a nook – its a versatile masterpiece. With the deft adjustment of a wire, a spectrum of light can be accessed, ranging from the warmth of a cosy ember to the cool brilliance of moonlight, awaits at command.

The key to illuminating brilliantly.

‘Kagi,’ a Japanese term meaning ‘key’ , is inspired by the shape of a keyhole. It unlocks a three-dimensional world that impresses with gentle and sustained illumination. With a revolutionary and remarkably adaptable profile system that seamlessly blends linear and accent lighting, Kreon Kagi can be either recessed or surface mounted. Adding to its versatility, round or square-shaped spotlights and wall washers can be attached and repositioned along the track. This offers architects and lighting designers a dynamic tool for crafting captivating and guided lighting schemes. It can also be dimmed wirelessly with the Casambi app.

It’s not from this world.

If there was a way light would find a way to illuminate like never before through a black hole, it would be through this lighting marvel. That’s the majestic story it tells with its soft, round, ageless form. Suited for multiple applications, Black Hole forms the centrepiece and quite deservingly. With multiple illumination possibilities, its acoustic virtuoso silences the cacophony of modern life too. What’s more? It can be integrated with a Bluetooth speaker, offering the perfect gateway to instant serenity. Choose from a palette of luxurious colours.

A domed neon whisper.

A stunning pinnacle of innovation in linear LED solutions, Domed Neon PIxel SV seamlessly melds flexibility and resilience to cater to the most discerning interior and exterior architectural visions. Bendable and durable, at its radiant core, you will find the prestigious Epistar chips, enshrined within the flexible embrace of PVC and the cutting-edge silicone casing. The casing shields the luminaire from UV light, flame and solvents. It also makes it waterproof, step proof and dust-proof. Choose from recessed and semi-recessed options along with wide spectrum of dimensions and colour temperatures.

Let the curtain rise, and the drama unfold.

Much like the intricate artistry of a silkworm spinning its cocoon, the Phantom Lamp’s luminary form is a rare gem in itself. Its surface, fashioned from a unique semi-transparent elastic resin, captures the essence of fine silk threads meticulously woven in proximity. Finding inspiration in the drama of archetypical chandeliers, its ivory veil adds an air of fascination and intrigue. Create a warm ambience with this voluminous pendant lamp’s indirect, diffused illumination that showers sprinkle of mystery and charm both.

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