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This Season, from The House of Jaipur Rugs Comes Inde Rose

This Season, from the House of Jaipur Rugs Comes Inde Rose

This Season, from the House of Jaipur Rugs Comes Inde Rose An amazing collection of coordinated silk carpet pairings by designer and style savant Vinita Chaitanya   Inde Rose is French for ‘India Rose’, and much like a rose in bloom, is a de...

Transcending Boundaries: Jaipur Rugs and MANIMA Join Hands to Reveal an Exclusive Collaboration with Kazumi Yoshida

Two distinguished names in the world of design and craftsmanship: Jaipur Rugs, globally renowned for its exquisite handcrafted creations; and Sicilian hand-embroidery label MANIMA join hands to reveal a limited-edition collection. Launching in the UAE this February, the collectio...

Jaipur Rugs Presents a Mirage of Craftsmanship and Culture at Downtown Design

Jaipur Rugs, a global leader in the world of handcrafted rugs, is thrilled to announce its participation in Downtown Design, the leading fair for contemporary and quality design in the Middle East. This year, Jaipur Rugs is set to take visitors on a dream journey through a mirage...

Jaipur Rugs Collaborates With Ashiesh Shah for Brahmaand, a Rug Collection Uniting Celestial Elements, Indian Mysticism and Traditional Weaving Artisanship

Shah’s paintings engage with humankind’s ceaseless search for cosmic relevance and age-old questions of nature’s greater designs.

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Jaipur Rugs, G-250, Mansarovar Industrial Area, Jaipur-20, Rajasthan – 302020

At Jaipur Rugs, we sincerely adhere to the slow and sustainable production of high-quality goods with character, rather than fast mass-produced products. Our products are made using the highest-quality materials, by Indian artisans of the greatest skill, to create rugs that are unique pieces of art in themselves. 

We take pride in the fact that each knot in our rugs carries the essence of our artisan’s voice and thoughts. Jaipur Rugs is built on the fundamental principle of propagating the knowledge of ancestral arts and crafts and connecting rural craftsmanship with customers across the world. Keeping the human connection as its core, we promote co-creation between globally acclaimed designers and rural weavers. 

We akin ourselves to the very knots that make our rugs and through our brand, we establish threads and connections between a conscious audience with the disadvantaged people of society through trendsetting collections while keeping alive the age-old craft of handmade carpets. Our products are a fusion of modern designs and technology, with timeless age-old arts and techniques that have been passed over generations. Our range of collections is as diverse and unique as our 40,000 artisans, who are spread across many states and regions in India. 

These slow-produced pieces of art spend months being woven on looms and go through a range of processes to achieve the perfect intended finished look. From the hand-carding and spinning of yarn from wool to more than 17 finishing processes that each of our rugs goes through, our rugs are a collaborative effort of more than 90 individuals. It is all the unique stories of these individuals that we aim to bring to the world through the meticulous art of carpet weaving. 

Our space at Love That Design aims to bring the uniqueness of our rugs and carpets closer to connoisseurs of art. Each of our rugs is unique and one-of-a-kind, and we are proud to bring the opportunity to procure such items to potential customers at Love That Design.


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