For Stellar Ceilings

An aspect that lifts the spatial aura – ‘ceilings’ has always been a prime focus of designers as well as users when they enter a commercial space. 

Now, with modern construction and technological changes, these ceilings are now undergoing an aesthetic check. Not just that! Various architects and product designers are moving away from the traditional norms and are collaborating with engineers and sound experts to provide a ceiling that not only is appealing but also provides good acoustics, lighting and sustainable value to a space. 

Still confused about picking the right ceiling for your commercial design? We give you 8 eye-catching products that are bound to leave your structure with a stellar ceiling.

Illuminate commercial spaces with its industrial look – Ili by vektron is a special half-open ceiling system, made of baffles and bandrasters. It also holds excellent acoustic properties and comes with integrated luminaires which can be picked as per your taste. They come with lighting options such as a fixed downlight, wall washer modules, direct spotlights and emergency lighting.

For easy maintenance, it also gives easy access to its plenum. Additionally, they come in two different setups. The smallest one is 50m wide with a pitch of 130mm centre-to-centre distance. The larger baffle  measures 180mm in width and has a pitch of twice the size. These can be used in large room spans such as offices, retail stores, libraries etc.

Worried about unnecessary installation days? Swiss-based brand BASWA DTG has curated a specially engineered product which is made for those days when you feel like cutting down the unnecessary installation time and training.

Its uniquely crafted MF Grid is made for direct installation, avoiding all the unnecessary hassle. With 40mm thickness, it comes in a two-layer system which can be directly installed into the metal grid. For your ultimate modern workspace, it also comes with a wide colour selection for a ceiling that matches your aesthetics.

A leading design manufacturer, SAS International launches an alluring product that specially caters for your commercial ceiling needs.
The new Bespoke Ceilings come with design options such as radial, vaulted and waveforms. This beautiful piece is not just another architectural feature for your offices, but it also provides extra thermal comfort and maximum performance.

To increase performance, the flower-like shape has been carefully designed to provide both surface area and cooling, allowing air to pass through it. The lighting system was carefully made to provide unrivalled levels of uniform light across all floor levels. With peals on every side of the LED, the panel also has lighting on the corner locations and edge locations for the right illumination.

Don’t get lost in its looks! Even though the petals visually look packed, the surface underneath has perforations for better sound absorption, giving the best acoustic properties.

Known for its innovative design ceiling range, ADAGIO Alpha+ by Knauf Ceiling Solution offers a smooth and durable ceiling surface for offices. These are also scratch-resistant and provide a surface which is easier for users to clean.

Additionally, it comes with a clear white colour with light reflectance of up to 90%. For offices with an open planning system, this ceiling provides A Class sound absorption. These panels come in various sizes starting from 600x600mm and extending until 1800x600mm.

Commercial spaces often come across a lot of wear and tear due to high footfall areas. For spaces such as offices and malls that require outstanding acoustic comfort, Rockfon has built its one and only Rockfon Mono Acoustic range. Its innovative monolithic surface delivers incredible acoustic comfort and fire protection. The white surface is made to create diffusion, leading to less artificial light.

Considering the daily footfall and repair in mind, the seamless system comprises the stone wool panel, filler and render which easily maintain the surface. They come in sizes  1200x1200x40mm / 1800x1200x40mm

From single-used materials to high-quality finished products – acoustic company Impact Acoustic unveils their latest range, the ‘Ceiling Panel Plateau’. 

This product is a self-organizing natural system that ravishingly results in the product being visually unique. The in-house design tool adapts to the individual conditions as per the room. Overall 88 PET bottles are recycled for every square meter of the finished product. The production team also ensures that there is minimal wastage produced while making the same.

For your conventional needs, the ceiling also comes with an optional integrated luminaire that effortlessly lifts the entire office space. You can even customise these ceilings based on the principles of computational design, giving them a personal touch. The installation process is simpler, making its user easily install the ceilings on-site.

They can be used in coworking spaces, open-plan offices, retail entrances, break areas etc.

Designed to challenge the traditional rectangular ceilings in commercial designs, Woven Image’s Fuji Juni curates a panel that gives a luscious art deco curve aura.
This unique 3D acoustic ceiling tile can either be directly fixed to the ceiling or can be suspended.

They also come with various spacing, tile sizes and colours (including dual colours), suspension height and barrel kit finishes. Considering their sustainable endurance, these are made from 100% PET (64% recycled).

Overall, they come in a Length of 560mm (+/- 3mm), Width: 1160mm (+/- 3mm), Depth: 90mm (+/- 3mm) and Thickness: 4.6 (+/- 2mm). They surely will make a perfect match for your restaurant, cafes, hotels and other commercial aesthetics!

Breaking the ceiling barrier, Europe’s leading design-oriented furniture and furnishings manufacturer Caimi Brevetti launches a new groundbreaking product. These In panels bring the simplicity of commercial ceilings to life.

The snow sound in panels makes them the right pick for offices, retail, malls and hotels. They come in sizes of 59×59 cm or 59×119 cm and can be inserted in suspended ceilings with profiling that can hold them.

They also come in different colour combinations and hues ranging from a sophisticated office look to an English pub grey era which can be customised at your convenience.

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