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Impact Acoustic's Soundproof Chatpods

First introduced five years ago by Impact Acoustic‘s co-founder Jeffrey Ibañez, Chatpod has always been a product that sets new standards in sustainability and innovation. Today, the brand is proud to present the latest version of the award-winning room-in-room solution: more col...

Introducing Impact Acoustic's Brand New Acoustic Lighting Product Range

Introducing Impact Acoustic’s Brand New Acoustic Lighting Product Range   Acoustic comfort and proper lighting are some of the most important aspects of a team’s health and well-being. That is why Impact Acoustic have brought together the best lighting techno...

Fight Against Greenwashing and Destruction of Nature

Fight Against Greenwashing and Destruction of Nature Environmental Pollution Caused by Pet Bottles – Swiss Room Acoustics  Company Impact Acoustic Forgoes Millions in Sales and Stops  Supplying Coca-Cola and Co.     The Swiss start-up ...

Oloïd – A Sustainable Acoustic Luminaire With Character

Oloïd is the result of a successful collaboration between Impact Acoustic and atelier oï, combining their expertise in acoustic engineering, material research and design innovation.

Introducing a sustainable acoustic ceiling solution based on algorithms

Impact Acoustic, a Swiss company specialising in manufacturing and design of acoustic products based on upcycled materials, introduces its latest product Plateau


Impact Acoustic


Bodenhof 4, Littau, 6014

We are innovation rebels driven by beautiful and functional design addressing today’s environmental and social challenges. The Middle East, as a leading innovation hub and LTD as our brand partner, together, we will effectively make a difference by making sustainable acoustic products and solutions accessible in the region.

At IMPACT ACOUSTIC® we specialize in turning single-used materials into high-quality finished products for acoustic comfort. We understand how Environmental Social Governance (ESG) matters to the new generation of international design practitioners and we want to give them all the tools to address acoustic challenges.

In addition to a wide and customizable array of products, we specialize in bespoke solutions. A network of creative application engineers, product designers and architects translate your ideas into a tangible product.

Team members:

Jeffrey Ibañez

Jeffrey is a Filipino designer, architect, corporate design specialist and founder of ChatPod. Jeffrey has practiced his craft across Asia and Europe for more over a decade, successfully designing offices for international clients in the war of talent.

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Sven Erni

As graduate of the École Hôtelière de Lausanne in hospitality management, Sven understands how to create the special customer experience.

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