Ceiling the Deal

The late famous American designer Albert Hadley said, “Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room.” He said that well. 

The ceilings possess the same power as the sky for any natural landscape. They complement and elevate the design theme, offering noise absorption, light diffusion, creating enclosures and hiding certain parts of the roof, among other advantages. 

It’s time to break the ‘ceiling’ of what spaces can look and feel like, and hence we’ve curated ten ceiling solutions to assist you..

Look up, say WOW.

If you can imagine it, Kriskadecor can do it. Create wavy, concentric, round, parallel or straight forms and patterns on your ceiling that give the feeling of being transported to a land of your choice. Ceiling features can also recreate a rain-like effect with this design volume canvas or anything that comes to your mind using their architectural prowess. Made from 99% aluminium and 20% recycled material, you can create large, artistic ceiling solutions with Kriskadecor in a myriad of colours.  

For the silence you didn’t know you needed.

Get excellent acoustics for low and mid-range frequency sounds with full-customisable and timeless Soft Cells Lowtone panels. Made of specially developed glass textile membrane layered with a tensioned front fabric layer, they do more than just sound absorption, making them ideal for spaces with special acoustical needs. They are durable, sustainable and come with end-to-end support from the brand from inception to installation. 

Because noise should not get in the way. 

A product with Indoor Aircomfort GOLD certification, this acoustic solution offers excellent sound attenuation and good sound absorption, making it ideal for spaces like classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, etc. Made from about 37% recycled material, ceiling solution made from biosoluble mineral wool provides a timeless finish to a space of your choice with 88% light reflectance. 

Ili by kreon

Everything you want in a ceiling.

Built skillfully in an industrial design style, vektron ili is a half-open ceiling system that works as a cohesive force for the elements in the room. It has outstanding acoustic properties, accessible plenum space and integrated luminaires. Creating an alternating pattern with baffles and band rasters, it is available in two different setups with different baffle sizes. Ili is an all-encompassing ceiling solution that takes care of sounds and sights. 

An acoustic island that builds a quiet oasis.

Built to be used on its own or for spaces where installing traditional suspended acoustic ceilings is not possible, this acoustical island by Rockfon provides high light reflection, light diffusion and anti-static properties. It has a smooth, deep-matt and super-white surface that can be customised in different shapes based on your needs. This minimalistic, frameless acoustic solution is easy to install. It comes in an unlimited custom colour range using NCS Quick, which means it can blend well and even add to your interiors.

Literally and figuratively cool.

Keep your ceilings chill without air-conditioning with this ceiling solution that looks no different than standard suspended ceilings. You can reduce costs and decrease your carbon footprint as it uses water and has a heat transfer medium through a single piece of copper element installed at the back of the ceiling tile. These can also be integrated into your existing metal ceilings and, along with Chilled Beams, can work wonders for all kinds of spaces, including glazed elevations.

Your path to acoustic well-being.

BASWA is a brand known for its acoustic solutions. BASWA Phon Classic Base goes a step further by providing a two-shift acoustic system, ideal for low-heights that can be installed without joints. With aesthetic surfaces that provide pleasant ambient sounds, the solution is focused on healthy acoustics that increase the quality of life indoors. This versatile solution is made with white marble sand and recycled mineral materials and has extraordinary sound absorption. Upgrade any surface, in any space, to make it ‘sound.’

Inspired by the laws of nature.

An algorithm-based, plug-in acoustic solution derived from the laws of nature, it looks like waves on your ceiling and impresses through performance and looks. Available in 32 colours, this customisable structure is great for meeting rooms, corridors or any space where you need to minimise noise. It is made from ARCHISONIC®, a high-performance, sustainable acoustic absorber that is created from upcycled plastic bottles. Simulate how it looks using Augmented Reality on your devices, or order a free sample box to experience what it can do for you. 

Art Deco, absorbing, acoustic.

Modern Japonisme meets Art Deco in this 3D, square-shaped, smallest acoustic tile that can transform your rooms. Made from 64% recycled PET, these tiles are quick to install and can be customised for their numbers, spacing, tile sizes, colours on the Mura palette (dual or single), barrel kits and suspension heights. Using the brand’s Array ceiling hardware (available in onyx, off-white and black/gold), Fuji Roku can be suspended or fixed, depending on your preferences. 

Baffles that leave you baffled.

USG Me have created a stunning baffle ceiling solution with a spatial pattern without the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers. These curve-edged baffles provide complete access to the ceiling, making it easy to maintain and clean. This ceiling solution is also easy to install and has the functionality to add accessories like lights, audio systems, and sprinklers, among others. Set the tone of the space with Crossing Baffles that are highly customisable, adaptable and can be used for any corrective or acoustic improvement projects. Bid adieu to noise pollution!

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