Kohler Signature Showroom, Dubai: Meeting the Middle East midway

Dubai was the obvious choice for Kohler’s first Signature Store in the Middle East. Afterall, their signature is to design and build to showcase everything from craftsmanship to innovation, and exceptional service that seamlessly blends with the Middle Eastern cultural nuances. Visitors, designers, and clients are treated to a unique experience not only from Kohler but from Kallista and Ann Sacks tile and stone as well.



The Kohler signature store in Dubai is a very special project for Kohler’s Middle East team. They focused on creating a design that was not only unique, but celebrated the values of Dubai, the Midldle East, and Kohler, all in one space. “Marrying those values was not too difficult. Luckily, the material palette we had in mind matched the Middle Eastern palette of earthy tones and textures, and it becomes more vibrant and colourful as user steps inside the inspirational areas”, says Christopher Parrish, Design Staff, Kohler Co.

Right from demolishing walls to create a spacious open plan to constructing internal arches to imbue the spirit of Middle Eastern culture, the team at Kohler was dedicated to delivering a truly holistic experience to customers. Other details such as commissioning artifacts to designers worldover and installing marble cladding to cascading waterfalls and wilderness were also carried out meticulously to contribute to the vibe.

“What we have been looking to introduce to the Middle East in Dubai this year is the first Kohler signature store, a Kohler theatre of sorts to receive the regions’ leading architects, interior designers and developers. We wanted to create a space for collaboration where the region’s leading influencers can enjoy and invent new ideas, and to help us redesign bathroom experiences of the future”, reveals Alan Orchard, Commercial Director, Middle East and SSA, Kohler.

A project with so many minute details is the outcome of feedback from the A & D community of Middle East and intense collaboration between Kohler’s US-based interior design and architectural team, its dealer Kitchen & Bath Gallery, Regional Marketing team, Regional contractor, lighting engineers, Dubai-based artisans for their bespoke walls and ceilings.

An Oasis of Inspiration

Kohler’s signature store is a story of cosmopolitan design themes meeting the rich heritage and culture of the Middle East. “The key messages we want our business partners and customers to take from this experience are one of timelessness, inspiration, collaboration, and most importantly, personalization of the bathroom experience. Respecting the Middle East culture through a Kohler lens is what we’re trying to show”, explains Alan.

He proudly continues,“The creation of an oasis in the desert was inspired by the botanical concept of the Middle East – the rivers of paradise. A truly global Kohler experience awaits our customers here, where we’ve blended different materials and finishes from all around the world, whether it be arches or screens, high ceilings with detailed pyramids as their patterns, or traditional to contemporary design, and artistic to intelligent toilets or high-performance digital showering systems.”

“Our long-term vision for the Kohler signature store in Dubai would be to share a truly Kohler global experience. It’s been 150 years and a glorious journey. It’s not only a display but more importantly, a physical demonstration of all our products and services. It’s a true blend of Kohler’s unique selling points,whether it be in the realm of design or technology, or performance and experiences”, Alan informs.

Kohler has shown uncompromising focus on product quality over 150 years – the multiple global locations are testament of it. Their current focus is to reduce negative manufacturing impact on the environment around us, and the signature store of 500 square meters in Dubai is no different. Oozing coolness in many forms yet blending together organically, the premise is a natural extension of support and service to Kohler’s key stakeholders.

Now up and running, the Kohler Signature Store boldly puts forth the brand’s vision to become one of the leading bathroom brands in the region, and in doing so, bringing to the front a range of products that matches both – the Middle East’s demands and desires.

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14 October, 2022

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