Like a Boss

Despite the democratization of workspaces and the proliferation of the open-plan, executive furniture maintains its popularity. Whether it’s a start-up or a large corporation, executive furniture ranges are findings their way into offices. People love exclusivity. Whether you believe it’s a marketing trick, or truly appreciate the uniqueness of an exclusive product, executive furniture is here to stay. 

There’s a popular misconception stating executive furniture is only required when there’s a need to establish a hierarchy in the workplace for managers and senior executives. While part of this is true, there’s so much more to executive furniture than simply closed offices. It can be used in conference rooms or areas set up to create a luxurious or classy ambience to impress guests. 

There are several ways to choose and set up your executive furniture, depending on your style and budget. Here are some of our top picks to get you started.


This minimal, deep, and stunning collection from Spanish manufacturer Ofifran makes use of wood in the classiest of ways. With all pieces made using handcrafted wood, the collection shows off the best of Spanish design. Personal favourites in this collection are the solid wood table and the wood-backed chairs – a luxurious collection that will turn heads in any space.


Leyform brings a great mixture of aesthetics and comfort with their Wave chair. This comfy chair comes with a knee-tilt with 5 locking positions and individual tension control, with an inner structure of beech plywood. The unique black and white and gold and black colour combinations are a nice touch to any workspace.

Deck Executive

Famo takes a minimal modern approach with the Deck executive, keeping it simple with wood and straight lines all around. Its goal was to design a functional, beautiful, and honest executive desk with no unnecessary add-ons. We particularly like the light oak finish, giving out a nice Scandinavian vibe.

Grand Sofa

Leave it to Vitra to design a sofa like the Grand Sofa. We couldn’t have put it better than Vitra themselves – the grand sofa is Antonio Citterio’s interpretation of luxurious comfort and contemporary design. His penchant for lightness, comfort, and sophistication can be clearly seen in this sofa unit. Despite being an executive sofa, one look at it makes you want to lie and down and relax!


From one of the largest and most popular chair and sofa manufacturers in the world, Pedrali brings an exciting new collection of chairs with Ila. This elegant and cosy looking collection presents a refined piece of furniture with a strong personality, expressing a blend of comfort and aesthetics. Its silhouette is the most defining part of the chair, made better with the choice of fabrics. 


The large and imposing design of the Ono desk is what seasoned executives envision when they think of their desks. In true Italian style, Frezza’s panelled desk is a true symbol of style, elegance, and craftsmanship. With an effortless mix of wood and metal, this executive desk is bound to make a statement. Whether made in melamine or wood, you can’t go wrong with this desk.

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