Partitions and Screens for Silence

Silence is a catalyst. A catalyst for creativity, focus, collaboration, concentration, mindfulness and rejuvenation. Research suggests it has health benefits, too. In a time when noise is a norm, there is a pressing necessity for innovative acoustic solutions from around the globe so you can create a noise-free space with a touch of exceptional design. These sound absorption panels and divides are versatile, and yes, they look spectacular, too.

As quiet as it gets.

If you need a nook at your workspace or a dedicated space at home for working, relaxation or anything else, these acoustic laminated glass panels are impeccable. Mullion-free and double-glazed, AKUSTIK99 cuts out noise of up to 53 dB. Customize these partitions with various Kaprel door options to sync them with your design theme to create a cohesive look. Coming from a brand known for its short manufacturing timelines and flawless aesthetics, these balance utility and aesthetics effortlessly.

Retractable, adaptive, outstanding.

Crafted for flexible spaces, Skyfold Prisma allows you to reconfigure a space in minutes at the touch of a button. Saying true to its name, it also allows natural daylight to enter into a space as it infuses some quiet. Lightweight, with defined lines and multiple finishes like frosted glass, it has a straight-down descent, making it the ultimate pick for compact spaces. If you are looking for an acoustic solution that promotes well-being and productivity, your search ends here.

A gorgeous glass skin.

The standout feature of Métropolines 1 is its curved glazing that woos and wows. Designed to enhance the minimalism of a space, these glass partitions preserve light diffusion and deliver impressive acoustic performance. With a collection of three textures – Trocadéro, Tuileries and St. Germain – it comes with blinds and smart glass for an added layer of privacy. These reusable glass walls offer high design flexibility and Critall framing, which together build the calm you need.

Hear that? You won’t.

Shade freestanding barriers by SilentLab offer uber-portability, as you can simply pick them up and move around wherever you need noise absorption. Use them as spatial partitions, and witness how their vibrant colour palette and patterns brighten up your spaces. They are made of high-end acoustic foam and can be installed with ease. The fully customisable Shade collection is up for grabs in three variants – Shade Timber, Shade Heavy and the unique Shade Mark that comes with a glass marker board. 

They’ll ask, “Where did you get that from?”

The prettiest modular sound absorption system you’ll come across! Inspired by precious gems woven in threads, these dividers elevate a space’s acoustic and aesthetic quality. Crafted with poxy-coated steel and transverse tubular steel bars, they can be used as connected modules or a single unit. Offered in pastel shades of aquamarine and rose quartz, they are also made in dark grey and cool white.

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