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Za Zastavkou 373
Czech Republic

We like peace and quiet when we work, but also we like to be part of the team in an open space plant. That’s why we started SilentLab. We manufacture quiet and place it wherever it is needed. We came up with an original acoustic concept to reduce noise in any interior. And the result? Complex portfolio of acoustic solutions which makes employees more comfortable and focused. Companies are happier, too, because of our solutions we increase productivity by up to 10% each day.

In order to deal with noise effectively and with elegance, we have a team of experienced acoustic experts, skilful craftsmen and creative designers in house. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels, soft seating pieces, and a unique, soundproof MICROOFFICES for up to 8 people are created in our production facilities located in the Czech Republic.

We design comprehensive acoustic solutions that help you to achieve acoustic comfort in your space which boosts the effectiveness in your company.

We can also design and deliver custom made solutions to meet your specific needs. Our main focus is providing our clients with products, where maximum functionality is combined with an attractive design and high-quality materials.

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MICROOFFICE / SilentLab s.r.o.
Phone: +420 733 739 065
E-mail: info@silent-lab.com

SilentLab s.r.o.
Za Zastavkou 373 111 01 Prague 10 – Czech Republic

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