Not so invisible: Pod and Partition Solutions

Spaces are also about ‘space.’ In these post-pandemic times, where workspaces and homes are getting more compact and versatile, creating a partition or a pod can carve out a nook for privacy and a distraction-free environment. At workspaces, they could be used to create meeting rooms, brainstorming spots, nap places, etc., to boost productivity, engagement and collaboration in the workforce.

Today, design is as much about functionality as it is about aesthetics. How do you create agile spaces that are inclusive of all kinds of needs and look good? Spaces that symbolise everything that makes the human race different and yet bring it all under one roof? While it might sound complicated, we have made it easy by handpicking pod and partition pieces from renowned designers worldwide.

A pod that camouflages to your needs.

Created by a brand known for its 29 years of experience in agile workspaces, this one-person acoustic pod is the need of today. The pod, with anti-collision door marking,  makes working ergonomic, comfortable and flexible with a desk that can be adjusted in the range of 26 to 49 inches. You can work sitting or standing or switch between positions in seconds. It also has a dimmable LED light, sensor-based ventilation controls and the option to add a Bluetooth speaker.

Cosy, colourful and charming.

This ‘micro office’ cuts through the noise, literally and figuratively. It has everything you could dream of – vibrant colours, an exciting design, easy-to-maintain infrastructure and high attenuation of ambient sounds. Made with 94% natural materials, it is stain-repellent, flame-retardant and has flawless artistry. It is available in colours like yellow, lavender, and brown, among others. It also comes in different sizes.

Co-create, undisturbed.

Framery believes in keeping happiness at the heart of everything they do. This pod for four to six people embodies that. Designed to collaborate, brainstorm and be ‘together’ in, it is sound-proof, well-ventilated and has a meeting table with adjustable height. Created by a company whose pods have found their way into the workspaces of 40% of the Forbes Top 100 companies, it is also accessible for all with wheelchair access. Design the interiors however you like and get complete silence-inspired focus to pursue your goals.

A wall that moves with you.

Adaptable to any environment, these movable walls by Skyfold help you carve your space with superior acoustic performance and minimalistic design. These vertically-movable walls have a straight-down deployment, making them perfect for use in areas with heavy furniture or not enough room on the ground. It also has closure panels for near-invisibility to retain the design of your ceilings. This cost-effective solution comes in a variety of designs and is entirely automatic.

A wonder fabric.

What if we told you that there was a pliable fabric with Class A sound absorption? Clipso, a coated, premium, knitted technical fabric, does that and more for all kinds of spaces. You can use it as a partition or to dress your walls and ceilings with a full covering. Completely customisable with prints and colours, this highly-resistant, micro-perforated fabric comes in two variants – ‘So Classic’ and ‘So Acoustic.’ It can be installed with or without a sound absorber and instantly reduces noise levels.

A glass that looks good and does well.

Build partitions in your spaces with this acoustic laminated glass by Kaprel that can be combined with different frame options to suit your needs. With up to 38dB sound rating, these partition leaves can provide absolute privacy without appearing to be completely closed off from the outside world. Available in different thickness variants of 26mm, 32mm and 41mm, these are created by a brand known worldwide for its glazed partition systems with short manufacturing and shipping timelines.

Free-standing rooms that offer it all.

Devote a zone in your home or office for disturbance-free concentration, focus and calm with Clestra Hauserman’s FIZZ BOX Collection. These highly-customisable pods for one to six people have maximum functionality and integration possibilities, offering a great-for-the-eyes modern aesthetic. They are flexible, moveable, reusable and modular. Clestra pods can also be transformed to suit your design themes, come with modern functionalities and are sustainable.

Work inside, outside or under.

Open yet private, personal yet collaborative, these Campers & Dens by Orangebox go beyond being just pods. They come with an internationally-patented opening roof system and are elegant pieces of architecture. They are highly portable, allowing you to reposition or move them based on your needs. With integrated and freestanding seating and tabling, they are built to integrate evolving technologies inside and outside pods. Campers & Dens can be customised to include whiteboards and be designed in any fabric, plywood, laminate or painting material.

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