Looks Great, Sounds Better: Aesthetic Acoustic Products

Aesthetic acoustic products are becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design, as they offer a combination of functional and aesthetic benefits. Excessive noise is a significant problem in many environments, and can negatively impact productivity, communication, and overall well-being. 

To avoid this, aesthetic acoustic products can help to absorb sound and improve speech intelligibility, creating a more visually appealing and functional space. They can be used in a variety of settings, including offices, schools, restaurants, and public spaces. So, we bring to you a list of the finest aesthetic acoustic products. Check them out!

HushAcess.L. is a spaciously designed meeting pod that can accommodate up to 6 people. The pod has a flexible layout that is adaptable to the needs of its occupants. It is equipped with a conference table and screen. This pod is an excellent addition to workspaces with open floor plans for creating moveable meeting rooms. Its air ventilation and light are activated by sensors thereby enabling the creation of a comfortable environment. 

This meeting pod is suitable for creating silent zones within a workplace. The pod can be used for hosting team discussions and conferences or taking a quick break from work. This meeting room will provide you with peace and privacy while visually connecting you to the surrounding area. The glass part of the ceiling allows plenty of daylight from outside and helps visually enlarge the space. 

Framery O is a good choice for focused individual work. The compact and echo-free design of this pod makes it perfect for making confidential phone calls and hosting video conferences. The control panel in this room allows the user to adjust the indoor lighting and airflow. The innovative and advanced air ventilation system creates a fresh and nice working environment in the pod.

This hybrid product is a combination of acoustic and luminaire solutions. This product comprises a high-performance sustainable acoustic absorber made from up-cycled plastic bottles. It can be installed on the wall and ceiling. Sensa’s sleek design makes it ideal for use in modern contemporary interiors. The product is available in multiple sizes and colors and can be used as an accent element in any space.

Solo Textile is a premium free-hanging unit that combines high acoustic performance with elegance and design. The panel is wrapped in textile fabric and is available in a wide variety of colors. It is an excellent acoustic solution for workspaces, hotel lobbies, and other public spaces. This panel can aid in the creation of sound-insulated spaces without the incorporation of any physical visual barriers in the office.

This acoustic sofa is composed of wood and a sound-absorbing technopolymer. Arranged in a hexagonal pattern, these sofas are appropriate for placing in large common spaces such as lobbies and meeting rooms. This upholstered seating absorbs sound and aids convenient interaction among people. The seat is ergonomically comfortable and is also suitable for use in workspaces and lounge areas.

Pendent Summit is a ceiling-hung acoustic screen that can be installed as a space-dividing solution to create privacy in a room. The screen provides flexibility in design and evokes a sense of privacy in an open-plan layout. It is available in an extensive color palette and can act as a statement piece in any space. The screen ranks high on sustainable and acoustic parameters and is a versatile design solution for modern spaces.

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