The In Review Round-up 2022: Luxury and Sophistication

Our final round-up of 2022 ends in style. Adding some Dubai Bling like style to the portfolio of products we’ve covered, we partnered with some great review teams and brands to review some truly classy and luxurious products. From chairs to lighting fixtures to kitchen accessories, we covered it all. While it’s true form should follow function, there’s no harm in occasionally indulging. 

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of some of the best luxury products this year.

Reviewers: Gihan Hafez, Interior Designer, LW Design; Giulia Quaglia, Senior Interior Designer, XBD Collective

A product from the smart folks at Grohe, the Blue Water system is an intelligent filtration system that delivers safe drinking water in the form you like still or sparkling!  The heart of the system is the intelligent cooler that filters, chills, and delivers clean water straight from the tap. A feature we particularly liked is the LED display indicating the water preference. Blue for still, turquoise for medium, and green for sparkling. Simply push the button in the right sequence and it will provide your drinking water of preference. All GROHE colour finishes are available, as well as the popular matt black.

“They’ve thought through all aspects of the design and have considered all situations. The very aspect of taking away plastic bottles and reducing the need to stock up on unnecessary plastic is a big deal and shows the holistic design of the product. All you need to do is install it in a project and it’s ready to use when someone moves in”, says Gihan Hafez, Interior Designer, LW Design.

Reviewers: Marco Maximus, Senior Interior Designer, Kristina Zanic Consultants; Indu Varanasi, Design Director, IRD Design

Iconic Italian manufacturer Moroso’s Ruff was a treat to review. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for the contract and hospitality sectors, and indeed any living space, it is an ideal and inviting soft seating product to be used for a conversation, relaxation and any number of lounging activities. Ruff has a unique style that seems to fit well not only in hospitality and resimmercial projects, but also in a more formal environment, such as commercial lobbies or hospital lounges.

“I do believe this product is for the more design savvy and discerning client. The fact that this lounge chair can last 10 to 12 years is a huge win in terms of sustainable design. I’d even make that argument to the person writing the cheques. Besides that, as designers, there are some superior fabrics and finishes that we only see in Moroso, which make this a great product.”, says Indu Varanasi, Design Director at IRD Design.

Reviewers: Bill Johnson, Director, CD+M Lighting; Niya Nikolova, Interior Designer, Roar

Iconic furniture brand Vitra launched the Soft-Work Seating system recently, through a collaboration with Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. They wanted to combine the best of home and office design, offering a comfortable new furniture solution to work on. It incorporates the best of the furniture components that are familiar to us, and consolidates them into a sleek and comfortable new design in the form of a sofa.

With this collection, they achieved this ideal blend of a product that was meant for a private space, but perfectly suited to a more public setting, such as a lobby or lounge. Soft Work’s design is focused on blending ergonomics, functionality, and wellness without having to trade off any of those aspects. Configurations and options are aplenty, and the craftsmanship is exceptional, as is to be expected from Vitra. Furthermore, the materials are sustainably sourced, and the product can be upcycled or recycled at the end of its life.

Reviewers: Marco Maximus, Senior Interior Designer, Kristina Zanic Consultants; Stephanie Brown, Senior Interior Designer, RSP Architects

The Duo Oval was one of the first products we thought of when curating this collection.The freestanding bathtub Kaldewei Meisterstück Classic Duo Oval was located in the bathroom of W Dubai, Mina Seyahi, where it looked right at home. This beauty has a scratch proof finish that guarantees perfect surface finesse and quality for at least 30 years. These outstanding characteristics are achieved by the material of the bathtub’s body, steel enamel – a fusion of steel and glass. While the steel is procured from different suppliers, the glass is manufactured in a facility at the KALDEWEI premise in Germany. 

“The scratch resistance will keep it looking new for a really long time. The UV protection is going to keep the product looking fresh. The entire sustainability aspect of it is great as it will help with LEED certification”, explains Marco Maximus, Senior Interior Designer, Kristina Zanic Consultants.

Reviewers: Joanne Metni, Senior Designer at JT+Partners; Sara Kakani, Project Architect at Dewan Architects

Literally translated to workshop, the Atelier collection by Ideal Standard consists of some of the finest and best work from architects and designers around the world, past and present. We got to check out products such as the Tipo-Z, Extra, and Connect Air.  

“In terms of ceramics, in terms of mixers, in terms of basins, there’s quite a range in the materiality and the color range. There are so many different approaches to the design aesthetic that you’re not limited to one school of thought – not limited to a color, not limited to a size.”, says Sara KakaniProject Architect at Dewan Architects.

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