Trendspotting 2021: Fabulous Flooring

In this recurring feature where we look at the latest trends across various interior design verticals, this month’s spotlight falls on flooring – the latest, the best, innovative sustainable and simply eye catching!


Bold Fashion Statements!


Not to be relegated to the background canvas anymore, flooring has become a front seat contender in interior design, grabbing equal attention, if not more. Some styles by Object Carpet may well be considered art forms. The MEET x BEAT features a different loop construction, giving this carpet its very own expressive texture with multicoloured threads creating an attractive, irregular display of colours. Made from 100 percent recycled ECONYL® thread, the DEAL x FEEL all-rounder is highly durability and versatile. However, the one that stands out the most is SOFIA, especially when the floral continuity is broken up with unevenly laid tiles, creating added drama!

Above: Artistic styles and bold colours by Object Carpet, and Milliken

Bringing us closer to our planet


Sustainable and earth based design is one trend that continues to remain strong with a consistently upward trajectory. In fact, it is not just a trend. Serving our planet, developing and adapting green habits, and bringing the outside in with biophilic design, is becoming more of necessity. Brands such as Shaw Contract, Milliken and more are strong proponents of this ethos. Milliken’s Change Agent is a carpet and LVT collection influenced by the transcendent act of bringing new purpose to natural materials, while brand Shaw Contract was inspired by the raw beauty of marble and concrete for their Eon + Amalgam range of LVT that blends classical aesthetics and contemporary style with the durability that is required in high-traffic areas.

Above: Milliken’s Change Agent; Shaw Contract’s Eon + Amalgam LVT

Bolon launched a solid base collection earlier this year that features neutrals that are “as adaptable as nature itself”. The Emerge collection is woven with weft threads in both warm and cold shades to capture the natural changes in light and shadows. These neutrals are as natural as any vivid hues yet do not imitate any existing material, bringing their own unique identity. Cosentino, who are known worldwide for their engineered surfaces inspired from nature, are still holding fort in the genre of serene aesthetics within the Dekton collection. This ultracompact surface is made from the same raw materials that  used to make porcelain, glass and quartz surfaces. Its technologically advanced manufacturing process makes it scratch, UV and stain resistance, suitable for high traffic areas.

Guided by the brand’s deep connection to nature, Modulyss created the beautiful DSGN collection group, in particular the DSGN Cloud which, as the name suggests, is inspired by cloud formations.

Above: Bolon’s Emerge Collection; Modulyss’ DSGN collection; Cosentino’s Dekton Collection; Shaw Contract’s Concrete + Composed; 2tec2

Also staunch supporters of rigorous recycling, Ege Carpets’ ReForm Transition Ecotrust is directly inspired by nature’s own virtuous, recycling process, with nature inspired irregular textures, layers and structures forming multi-level carpet designs and reflecting key elements of the seasonal cycle. The second ReForm, A New Wave, offers a more sensual, tactile expression, making you feel the patterns of the sand and appreciating dune formations, as well as inspiration derived from lines of grass and the rhythm of the waves washing in. Both these lines are created with wholly sustainable yarn.

Above: ReForm Transition Ecotrust and ReForm A New Wave by Ege Carpets

Shaping your own space


Bored of the standard squares and rectangles? It appears many flooring manufacturers, too, have decided to open up their geometry box and play around with new forms, opening the design canvas to infinite possibilities.

New in Mosa’s portfolio and part of their Core Collection are these innovative, modular shapes. that have been specially designed to facilitate the creative process, creating visually enthralling end results. It also ensures that all the material is used with minimal cutting waste that would normally emerge from pattern making.

Above: Mosa’s modular shape tiles

Inspired by the limitless patterns of butterfly wings, brand Limited Edition created Mariposa, a high-end, tufted rug made up of pools of enrapturing colours. Further intrigued by the chemical response of two opposing liquids pushing and pulling against one another, designer Michael Yound created the Parallel Brain rug for Limited Edition, which features an elaborate, labyrinth-like array of interlocking geometric patterns. Made with an organic substance derived from seaweed, this rug exudes a soft, shiny texture.

Above: Mariposa and Parallel Brain by Limited Edition

Patterns such as herringbones and chevron never really went out of style or out of sight, whether in hard or soft flooring. These patterns are often used to create the illusion of space as the eye is naturally drawn to the ‘V’. Here are some wonderful surfaces and interiors by both 2tec2 and Amtico.

Above: Amtico; 2tec2; Dickson and Mosa

Since each room raises new challenges, Dickson have even created a Shape Lab to give designers unprecedented freedom in creating concept flooring. The twelve available shapes offered at present have the ability to form countless layout possibilities.

Above: Dickson’s Shape Lab allows multiple colour and shape combinations

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