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Atlas Concorde For The Dubai Mall: The Most Visited Shopping Center In The World

Atlas Concorde's resin- and concrete-effect surfaces were chosen for the recent expansion of the Dubai Mall, the UAE's premier shopping center. Located in downtown Dubai, in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, it is considered the city’s main hub for shopping, entertainment, and leis...

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Via del Canaletto, 141, 41042
Fiorano Modenese

Atlas Concorde, the brand for indoor and outdoor ceramic surfaces, with its brands Atlas Plan, specialized in large slabs for furnishing elements and Atlas Concorde Habitat, dedicated to bathroom furnishings, is a major player in the global ceramic tile scene.

Continuous innovation, technological research, Italian style, international vocation, social and environmental responsibility: these are the values that have always guided Atlas Concorde. The ideal partner of clients and designers, it stands out for its innovative industrial approach to production, with advanced plants capable of interpreting particular manufacturing processes in a contemporary key and reproducing aesthetic details with extreme precision.