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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom


Architectural and interior photographer based in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

I am a photographer living in Greater Manchester, UK and specialise in photographing commercial architecture and interior spaces.

Born in Leeds, Yorkshire where I graduated with an honours degree in Building Surveying, I have over 15 years’ previous Building Surveying and Project Management experience working in Leeds, and then Manchester following a move over the Pennines.

Photography started through a chance meeting with a local band promoter and I began photographing live music in and around Manchester, which led to a request to photograph a refurbished bar in Liverpool. Unknowingly at the time, the wheels were in motion to start a new career.

With my experience and understanding of construction and refurbishment practices, an increasing obsession with photography led to a natural outcome in 2015 when I decided to leave surveying and set up Midi Photography to photograph architecture and interior spaces full-time.
In 2016 when drones were still in their relative infancy, Midi Photography became a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved drone operator with permission to operate commercially in the UK. Being able to fly a drone lets me somewhat scratch a lifelong itch of wanting to be a pilot. Specialising in aerial photography and survey work links perfectly to the architectural photography side and previous surveying experience.

In 2021 I decided to widen the services Midi Photography offers with Matterport 360 virtual tours (imagine Google Street View tours of internal spaces and you’re there). These immersive and interactive 3D / 360 virtual tours and walkthroughs are a perfect way of inviting people into your building / space from anywhere in the world, and it works hand in hand with photographing architecture and interiors.

Besides architecture and interiors, I love taking photos of aircraft and aviation. Aviation photography is how I relax with a camera. I can often be found loitering next to runways at Manchester and Heathrow airports.

I regularly work in and around Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and London but photograph projects throughout the UK and Europe and have enjoyed collaborating with some of the most highly acclaimed and recognised local, national and international.

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Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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