Canal Cove Villa, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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With a combination of modern designs, complemented with traditional elements, My Pick One developed the interiors for Canal Cove Villa.

For this project, the designers merged between classic and postmodern. The team aimed for a concept that aligned with that of the Canal Cove Villas, a self-contained community that houses 3 to 4-bedroom properties. Based in the one of the most iconic locations in Dubai – Palm Jumeirah, the Canal Cove Villas have a picturesque scenery and captivating views. The philosophy surrounding sustainability was incorporate into the interior design by using natural and renewable materials. The design is meant to make the most of the space without compromising on its expansive nature. As a result, postmodern minimalism was a highlighting factor in the design.

In the villa, every room’s interior exudes a distinct ambiance. With three spacious bedrooms, there’s plenty of ‘room’ for experimentation, creativity, and depict inspiration. While the beach offers a scenic view, it also ties in a natural aspect into the architecture, especially considering that the villa includes a temperature-controlled pool.


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Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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