Fairooz Apartment, Dubai

Al Fairooz Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai , United Arab Emirates


About the project

Led by Marianna Piccolo, My Pick One created the interior for this apartment, which features moderately high ceilings for optimal light distribution, and proportionate dimensions that are conducive to all sorts of tasks and activities, from working, holding an informal meeting, enjoying some leisure time, or cooking a delicious meal.

The apartment building is a commercial and residential space, so it needed to be inspiring for people who were working, functional for people who were living, and artistic for people who were enjoying its various leisure amenities. The interior is marked by sophistication and elegance so that homeowners can simply relax. Nonetheless, this bookish, work-themed interior is hidden by an inviting façade that boasts all the warm comforts of a home. The apartment, with its range of amenities and carefully calculated interior design, manages to offer something for everyone.

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2,153 sq-ft.


Al Fairooz Tower, Dubai Marina


United Arab Emirates



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