Mauzan Boutique, Al Ain

22 Nov , 2018  

Brand Creative, an international award-winning branding and design agency, designed Mauzan in collaboration with Newline Interiors contracting.

The sophisticated yet subtle design of this Middle Eastern womenswear boutique boasts soft pink hues with marble and luxe gold finishes. The feminine aesthetic is carried forward with customised curved gold metal rods that add definition throughout the space. A chic, circular seating area displays a decorative feature wall and opulent chandelier, portraying a stylish boudoir effect. And the perfume section is separated from the clothing retail, with a circular ivory and gold partition, leading customers into the minimal and elegant fragrance area.

“We wanted Mauzan to feel like poetry in motion. Middle Eastern culture and aesthetics are historically as emotive as they are extravagant. We wanted the design to meet somewhere in the middle of traditional luxury and modern minimalism,” says Carla Conte, founder and creative director of Brand Creative.


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