Ceiling Light Fixtures: Slick & Stylish

Feature Image: Cubano Lito, Dubai by Bishop Design; Photograph courtesy: Michael Kruger Photography

Illumination in a space is like a stroke of colour on a canvas. When done right, it defines the ambience of a room, sculpting atmospheres that make the design concepts come alive. They wield the power to transform shadows into captivating narratives or punctuate moments with the drama and flair that every space deserves. If that sounds intriguing, read on to learn more about some handpicked ceiling light fixtures that are taking the design world by storm. Let there be light!

Muted illumination, orchestral impact.

A stunning ceiling luminaire that is discreet yet powerful. BIANCA is an LED lamp that embodies a minimalistic design. With the luminaire housing in die-cast aluminium and a prismatic diffuser in circular prismatic acrylic glass, it is glare-free and has a rotationally symmetrical light scatter. Use BIANCA to create subtle yet striking accents in outdoor settings, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Watch the ceiling breathe.

This large surface area luminaire by Fagerhult is a treat for a designer’s imagination. Whether accentuating a cosy nook or illuminating a specific zone, Combilume delivers unmatched performance. Choose from Delta, a microprism louvre in acrylic (PMMA) with good optical characteristics or Opal, a plate in frosted acrylic (PMMA) for this LED solution. Combilume has an extruded aluminium body with tunable white luminaires (2700-6500 K) for an enhanced ambience.

Like clouds in the sky.

Giving the impression of hovering just below the ceiling, this luminaire by Louis Poulsen makes one look twice. This optical marvel, achieved through an illuminated opening and suspended placement, ingeniously adds perceived height to any room. Its two-layer, softly diffused lighting enhances the visual allure of your space. Available in brass, satin chrome plated, and high lustre chrome plated variations, it offers style and sophistication without a doubt.

Porcelain, pristine, perfection.

Inspired by the timeless elegance of Lladro’s ladies, the floral lamp’s daring designs blend opaque and translucent porcelain, marrying matte and glossy finishes in white and coloured variants. Mademoiselle Célia stands bright as a one-light hanging lamp, exuding charm and sophistication. Weave in Mademoiselle Célia as a focal point in eclectic interiors to infuse spaces with a touch of whimsy and elegance. It can add depth and visual interest instantly.

The luminaire of today.

Emitting focused down light and utilising backlit LED technology, Isola offers both general lighting and low glare options. With DALI and Bluetooth wiring capabilities, this luminaire is perfect for modern interiors seeking functionality along with elegance. Use it to highlight architectural features or accentuate focal points in contemporary interiors, creating light layers for an unforgettable atmosphere. It is equivalent to a fabulous piece of art.

Light in all directions.

An innovative ceiling light that rotates in all directions, Thirty can be turned 350 degrees and is adaptable for formal and playful design compositions. Its softly filtered light and asymmetrical form make it a standout addition to any space. Crafted with a painted aluminium fixture and microprisma diffuser, Thirty offers customisable body colours on request. It is the perfect option to experiment with dynamic lighting in any space. 

Lights, sound, action!

Futon is not just about unique ambient lighting but also about acoustics. Along with offering a ceiling light solution that could drop jaws, it can improve speech audibility thanks to its acoustic panels. Looking like a full moon on a dark night with a magnificent penumbra, Futon can be suspended or installed on the ceiling surface to create well-lit, noise-free spaces. The best part? It is an opportunity for complete creative freedom to mix and match colours, suspension heights, diameters, or positions, making it ideal for tailored design solutions.

A glowing sea of possibilities.

kreon fuga is a three-part ceiling light solution that combines the head, the pendant bar and the ceiling bar – which can be used to configure different combinations with dynamic lighting effects. The horizontal pendant bar, rotatable up to 90 degrees, features a CRI85, 2700K, or 3000K LED strip with a diffuser for uniform light output. Equipped with DALI and 1-10V options, remote dimming is easily achievable, providing enhanced control over lighting environments. Create an impact without much ado.

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