Geometric Magic

Well-defined decor, along with durability and safety has gained the utmost importance in interior design, especially for businesses. Thus, the imperative is that the decor elements should be well thought out. 

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of ‘contemporary decor’ is sleek, minimal and ‘by the books.’ However, designs and product heads are now venturing towards geometric patterns and frolicking forms. Confused about how to add them to interiors? We give you a list of products that will add depth and dimension to the overall ambiance in a space.

Indulge in aesthetic commercial flooring with the elegant Hand Knotted Sthir AIWL-3018 by Jaipur Rugs. Made with 100% Wool, this carpet is ideal for business offices, showrooms, retail stores and even lounge areas of malls. Their Pile Thickness ranges from Medium 6-9 mm which can handle hefty traffic without getting damaged. The product even comes with a 24 Months Warranty. Perfect to amp up the  interiors, these rugs have the right amount of geometric patterns and balanced forms for a well-defined interior finish.

With eye-catching curves, contours and softer lines, Clerkenwell by Milliken just got bigger and better with the launch of their new collection ‘Watch Making’. These carpet tiles, sized at 50 cm x 50 cm are considered the most durable option and can easily be modified according to aesthetics. No matter if it’s an office space or a restaurant, these tiles are easy to store, carry and modify according to one’s design needs.

Looking to step up your office look with some colour incorporation? Then think outside the muted grey and pick rugs from the Artisan (collection) from Bolon. Giving interiors an intensely cerise colour with serious qualities, these carpets are available in roles, tiles, acoustic tiles and studio tiles for various sectors and commercial needs.

Bringing personality into every space, the &-collection by modulyss is their long-running coordinated approach to the way they design carpet tiles. Bold & vibrant, sophisticated & luxurious; the collection aims to provide flooring solutions with a sustainable approach. The collection also holds a complementary colour palette which goes with other patterns to give rise to elegant flooring designs.

Thinking about adding some aesthetics and dimension to your simple commercial flooring? Then Shaw Contract has got you covered! Known for its innovative flooring designs, Shaw has come up with the new Together Hexagon Tile that delivers a purposeful blend of design elements, materiality, sustainability, and performance. Its Eco Solution Q® Polyamide 6 makes it the sheer balance of wear and tear for commercial flooring with less maintainability and more durability. Hence to indulge in an edgy yet modern look, This Carpet Tile collection paired with subtle commercial furniture can bring out the best of your interior design.

Blending technology with flooring, Shapes by Mosa brings innovative, modular shapes to flooring. Mosa’s tile shapes and holistic approach have been specially designed for Architects and designers to combine different shapes and sizes in a powerful, sleek result. It also ensures that all the material is used and that no cutting waste is created when making patterns. And the last, Tile patterns in the portfolio can highlight different functions within a single room but can also be used on a larger scale to promote or modify spatial unity.

Express a powerful design language on floorings through the colour block collection by Ege Carpets. The product covers a myriad of predesigned patterns, which are inspired by geometry, hoops, stripes, 3-dimensional grids and expressive typography. In contrast to this powerful expression, the collection also offers simply beautiful mélanges and random abstracts to balance the whole look. On a maintenance note, the product is even easier to re-colour for no extra touch-up charge.

A collection that boldly speaks on its own, Works Geometry by Interface offers a varied linear pattern, creating a solid foundation for any modern space. These 50 cm x 50 cm carpet tiles are 100% Solution Dyed Nylon, making them the perfect flooring match for spaces such as offices, retail shops, supermarkets and even in hospitality.

Métropolines 2 – Inclined/Mosaic by Clestra Hauserman

Incorporating the flexibility of the future, Metropolines 2 by Clestra Hauserman is a new multiple, functional and pragmatic partition system that allows the designer to incorporate trending commercial trends in their designs. With a wide variety of materials, layouts and finishes, these partition systems are most suitable for office cubicles, commercial partitions, co-working areas and even open planning. The collection offers two aesthetic finishes – inclined and mosaic, making them a tempting partition pick.

Feature Image Courtesy Wallsauce

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