Get on the Floor

Interior designer Juan Montoya rightly said, “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” 

To create a space that narrates a story and smiles at you, you need to get the basics right. Those basics begin with, yes, you guessed that right, the floor. The floor can set the style and ambience of your design theme. It works like a vast canvas that catches the eye, despite it being where we set foot on. 

Floors are the first contact with your space and can make or break a design theme in a blink. It impacts the perception of a room. These, among many other reasons, are why you should get your flooring right. It is equally important to get your floor accessories right too to accentuate your flooring and other design elements. We’ve got some inspiration right here to get started with!

Flooring Solutions

Artisanal tiles that call out to the ebbs and flows of the ocean.

Inspired by coastal colours, these skillfully crafted gradient tiles emanate timeless elegance. Minimalist and contemporary, they add warmth and a textural appeal to any space without taking away the spotlight from other elements in the design composition. Created by an international brand passionate about ceramics for over a century, these artisanal, glazed tiles are available in ten soft and charming colours. Add depth and playfulness to any space effortlessly with Classics Tide.

W for wood, W for wow!

Manufactured by a global leader in wooden floorings, these European Oak floor wall tiles are sure to inspire awe at the first glance. A part of Hakwood’s Sierra collection, this flooring option is classic, versatile and something you can never go wrong with. With a sawn surface texture, DuoPlank® construction and ultramatte lacquer finish, it narrates a mediaeval tale, true to its name ‘Conte’. Built in collaboration with renowned interior designers and architects from across the globe, this is the flooring solution that can elevate any space and leave a lasting impression.

Style with vinyl.

Polyflor has proven that style, sustainability and affordability can all be combined into one with Camara Loc PUR, a luxury, interlocking, vinyl flooring solution. Designed to give a natural wood, stone and concrete effect, these innovative planks and tiles are crafted with about 40% recycled content. With an Indoor Air Comfort (Gold) certification, they are low on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions too. While the polyurethane coating reduces maintenance costs, you get the best of all worlds with these tiles and planks that are synonymous to ‘chic.’

Floor Lamps

A time-tested heirloom, reinvented in the present.

Originally designed in 1986, these reinvented floor lamps by Ateljé Lyktan are designs that are backed by 85-years of experience. With intricate details in brushed brass and aluminium, these uber-stylish yet minimalist lamps come straight from the land of Åhus near the Baltic Sea in Sweden. Available in smoked oak and whitewashed ash colours, they add a bit of oomph to the most simplest of spaces and transform them effortlessly. Along with the lamps being epitomes of opulence, the way their shadows fall on the floor also create a medley with the design of your space wonderfully.

One that illuminates and elevates.

Seeking inspiration from the minimalistic design style, this sleek floor lamp is unlike anything you would’ve seen before. ‘Libera’ which is Latin for being free or independent, might truly let your space breathe and turn heads at the same time. Available in different lengths and four colours – white, black, titanium and sapphire blue with an opal micro-texture screen – this lamp is perfect for accent, ambient or task lighting. It has an extruded aluminium body with flush die-cast Zamak end caps. The lamp can help you achieve any mood you want to set with its four colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. It is also available in push, dim and dali versions with an integrated control gear.

One lamp, many uses.

Light up a nook and add warmth to it with this floor lamp that brings both form and function to a room of your choice.  A fond reminder of industrial design style, it has a painted-aluminium base. The Compose series by Zero Lighting has the lamp available in metal, perforated and glass shades. The light colours come in white, black, green and yellow to blend with any design concept that you may have in mind. You can also choose the lamp colours and sizes to play with scale and create an interesting composition in any space, whether it is residential or commercial.

Reminds you of the sun but in style.

A curvilinear, delicate lamp that brings in the morning light to a space of your choice at any time of the day. Aptly named dawn, it illuminates a space like the rising sun emitting a soft uniform light. With four colour options for the LED, the lamp is built by a brand that is known for creating tailored lighting solutions for their customers. The lamp’s interior is 100% clean with the light source hidden under the edge, the frame is a single piece with zero visibility for screws or bolts. The best part? It does not have a visible wire for the power cable, it is integrated in the design itself to increase its visual appeal. Simply beautiful and eternal.

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