Industrial & Edgy: Surfaces for Sharp Interiors

Exposed like old factories and roomy lofts—that’s the essence of the Industrial Chic aesthetic. The style is edgy, sharp and supremely impressive if done the right way. It brings out the beauty in the raw finishes and shines the spotlight on materiality, making curating the right palette crucial.

If you want to create a distinctive aesthetic with some industrial charm for a space that is hard to forget, we’ve handpicked some outstanding suggestions for you. Here goes.

No frills, sheer power.

A contemporary marvel – these porcelain tiles by RAK Ceramics exit their utilitarian origins and enter the aesthetic world seamlessly. Minimalistic yet powerful, the Design Concrete Collection comes in six sizes and shades of grey and white. Unleash the rugged charm and create a focal point in the space of your choice with Design Concrete. It works great indoors as well as indoors. 

Old-world charm, new-age aesthetic.

European, dark natural marble tiles subtly introduce a juxtaposition between the refined and the raw. Perfect to use indoors, outdoors, and even in bathrooms, these titles are bevel-cut, matte and can also be used on kitchen table tops. Sitting beautifully in contrast with the other elements in the room, these luxurious tiles come with bioprot protection to shield against the most common domestic bacteria.

Ultra-resistant, ultra-stylish

A compact HPL packed with SURFACE + performance technology that makes it ideal for use on surfaces like worktops, tabletops, reception desks, etc. It is equipped with wear, impact and heat resistance which is much higher than its competitors and comes in 12 decors and three finishes. Completely machinable, Reysitop® allows you to bring your ideas to life and frees you from design boundaries. Easy to clean and safe for food contact, it also comes with Greenguard Eco Certification. 

Withstands the harshest, brings out the best.

Built specially for areas where harsh chemicals are used, the Chemsurf Laminate brings in an amalgamation of function and form. Lightweight and versatile, this laminate is less expensive than steel or epoxy but does not compromise on design. Cleaning it is a breeze with a damp cloth, as it resists fingerprints and spills effortlessly. Choose a shade from a broad palette of colours and cherish it for years to come.

An engineering marvel you cannot miss. 

Finding its muse in classic cement floors, the four stones in the collection impress mesmerisingly. Whether you choose Soke, Kreta, Laos or Lunar, the realistic veining of the matte stones will make you want to deck up all your surfaces with this innovative solution. Its Grip+ technology makes it non-slip, enhancing your safety. Available in three thickness types, its range of greys merges it harmoniously with the background of your space. 

An opulent explosion of colour.

Bursting with an understanding of modern tastes, the five surface options in the IRON collection are original and unique, unlike anything you might have seen before. Intricately designed, the blacks, browns, greys and whites bring subtlety or warmth, depending on your seeking. These sintered stone surfaces are versatile and can be used anywhere. If you can imagine it, the IRON collection can do it, exuding grandeur invariably. 

Literally, a canvas to play with. 

With warm and cool colours inspired by nature, these tiles get their allure from the myriad three-dimensional speckles and a pigmented granulate mix on their surfaces that add a unique splash of character. Understated and natural-looking, they create a nuanced glimmer effect that elevates spaces fluidly. Create an organic composition for any purpose with these tiles that come with a tactile finish. These slip-resistant and frost-proof pieces are expressive, rich, and crafted in three sizes to suit your spaces. 

An eruption of captivating art. 

Lava rock by Corian impresses at first look – it is almost as if the volcanic formations from nature were captured skillfully into tiles that brim with textural charm. Resembling the volcanic stone and ash, the design one-ups the original with its sleek and smooth finish. Blending exquisitely with all kinds of interiors, this undulating, seamless and bold tile from Corian can make all your design aspirations come true. It is resistant to wear and tear, repairable without a trace, hygienic, sustainable and can be moulded into 2D and 3D designs. 

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