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Interface Now On Love That Design

16 Jan , 2018  

Interface is now on Love That Design! Read on to know more…

Design has come a long way since Interface invented the carpet tile in the 1950s. What seems to set them apart is the fact that their designs are informed by science as well as trends.

At Interface, the aim is to continuously try to learn from nature. As an example, the design team uses bio-mimicry when creating new products. In 2014, Interface commissioned The Human Spaces Report, which showed increase in reported productivity, creativity and well-being when natural elements were present in the workplace.

The Interface team developed products that easily support biophilic spaces by incorporating natural elements, such as variation in colour and texture. This dedication to and appreciation of environmental elements and quality design has resulted in an all-encompassing approach.

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According to Matt Hall, Regional Director for Interface Middle East, focusing on biophilic design is crucial and will contribute to the non-negotiable presence and implementation of Well building standards.

“We’ve been in the region for 24 years today. Interface has certainly been known as the leaders in the industry; however, the best is yet to come. Expect to see more innovative designs from Interface with a big push on the sustainability side. We are looking to help clients achieve the best in sustainability certifications in the market to date – whether its LEED PLatinum or Well Platinum, the same passionate approach is applied,” says Hall.

He goes on to say that, “for us Love That Design is a tremendous platform for customers to seek out some of the best brands in the industry in one place. It helps add to the awareness Interface is looking to create. It gives customers an interactive way to get in touch with us as a brand and showcase innovative products within a designed space.”

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