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We are proud to welcome on board, our very first UAE-based company, Kaprel, that offers truly global standards in partition systems to the region and beyond.


Kaprel Partitions was created with the vision to provide glazed partitioning systems to the local market within a considerably shorter lead time, and without compromising on quality. The icing on the cake are their competitive prices.

Kaprel products are all locally manufactured, thereby reducing shipping timelines and any logistical costs associated with transporting material from overseas. This approach in turn leads to a smaller carbon footprint.

Furthermore, in terms of quality, Kaprel’s partitions and associated products are tested to ASTM and BS standards, and offer unique finishes and bespoke designs. The partitions provide not only visual transparency, but also acoustic privacy, and can be fashioned in a variety of profile configurations, thus giving designers the flexibility to create their own unique systems without loss of light.

We spoke to Kaprel Founder and Managing Director, Kharis Atkins, who is more than proud of the journey this four year old company has undertaken, and speaks to us of its imminent growth.

“We launched Kaprel from the UAE, however, our aspirations are truly global. We are already branching out within the region, but I have plans for this brand to go so much further – to expand not just geographically, but also in the range of products and offerings.”

Kaprel aims to launch into the global market and carve a niche for themselves, making them industry stalwarts in reliable and cost effective partitions. And with really key clients already under their belt, we are quite sure this dream will realise sooner than we think. With their few years in the industry, Kaprel have collaborated with some high profile clients, which has catapulted them into the list of top manufacturers within the region.

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17 January, 2019


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