Make the tables turn and count

Tables have been a great source of design accessories since the days of old. From side tables to centre tables to sleek coffee tables, these low-heightened tables tend to be the best piece of furniture for interiors. 

With the evolution of commercial designs, tables are not only restricted to a piece of bulky furniture sitting on the corner of your lobby area or a workstation but they most certainly can be utilized efficiently. With upgraded material engineering and modernized furniture designs, they hold the power to be multifunctional. Therefore, we bring you a collection of products that are not only design-advanced but will leave onlookers awestruck.

Easy going as can be, Circus from Offecct is a cross between casual and classy. Its round shape contrasts with its slim, metal bottom and gives rise to a genial and fun design. With this piece, one can add that missing fun factor while not straying away from the overall theme of the space. It can also be used as a layering element and be joined by more loud and colourful counterparts.

Yet another rounded table, but with a splash of contemporary – the Turnstone Bassline Occasional Table are ideal to imbue quirkiness with their protruding metal base. Choose from a plethora of forms and colours, to introduce just the right amount of balance in interior settings. What’s more is that its smooth finishing and clean geometry is bound to leave an impression on those looking closely.

For commercial designers seeking a curved and seamless nook, the Afina- lounge table from Frezza gives a sense of sophistication to a regular coffee table in commercial sectors. Made with two painted metal half-shells and combined with a top, this table is available in multiple finishes and materials such as melamine, wood with rounded edges or coloured glass with round shapes and soft-touch surfaces. This unique piece of furniture can not only serve as a regular centre table but can also be served as a unique cornered element between two sofas right at the reception. For convenience, it also comes with an optional electrified socket for a seamless plug-and-play philosophy so that gadgets get easy access while waiting in the lounge/reception.

With aluminium being in full boom as a material, ACTIU’s TABULA could be a good pick for a simple and sober aesthetic. Dependable and sturdy, the USP of this table is its simplicity and how it can fit in any given space and theme. Offered in circular and square profiles, TABULA also comes in shade variants – an opportunity to use various colours of the same product to come up with an intriguing design.

If you are looking for a splash of colour in your waiting room or lounge area, then EOS by Leyform is the perfect solution for any commercial interior space. Its unique structure has a 2-prong base that can easily slip under the sofa. This not only consumes less space within your seating area but also provides a modern-contemporary yet flowy look to your design. Apart from being a centrepiece in your relaxation space at your office, the different models and colours make it the perfect solution for your offices, restaurants, recreational areas or even the waiting areas in a cinema.

Ergonomic working positions have made tremendous changes since post-pandemic. For flexibility and versatile tables for commercial interiors, The glamourous Flamingo by Boss Design is a unique table laptop that is suitable for a work-from-home design and office environments. It is not only aesthetically appealing, but the table is available with a painted or chrome stem with an aluminium stem and steel base. It also has protective pads on the underside of the base for protection. This is not only helpful for constrained office spaces but is also helpful in coworking/multifunctional spaces. This brings in new-age design flexibility within workplaces.

Right from its elegant walnut surface to undeniably sensuous form, this table from Fritz Hansen is a sure-shot hit. From premium materials to the expert craftsmanship, the table has it all – and will lend a showstopping shoulder to spaces that are modern and contemporary. While its free-form table top might be more appreciated, even the slender legs of the piece add to the serenity of it.

Continuing on the theme of seamless movements within offices and unique blends of table systems, the Hideaway wall by Bisley is a wall-mounted desk that can be folded down or folded away depending on the need of the hour. This corner can be tucked away along with the desk and can be reused as a hook for old accessories (which are attached at the back of the panel). This includes a wall mounting kit and a soft open door along with a flexible light and USB connection for an efficient workspace.

For a commercial designer seeking versatility within traditional workstations and conference tables, the unique Essens by Inclass is the perfect combination of versatility, beauty and proportions. Its multiple possibilities of base and top combinations, together with its available finishes allow for endless customisation and possibilities. Keeping sustainability in mind, this comprises a 100% recyclable polyethene table that comes in various sizes and formats. Taking the customisation further, different chargers, connections and accessories can be connected as per the designer’s preference.

Last but not least, the Cruz by Quinti upholds a unique geometric blend of a cross-sectional base along with a curvy table top. Ultimately,  these are available in 4 sizes with a gold shiny chromed, gold painted gold satin and black finish. This gives that striking balance to amp up your design game. These tables can be paired with creamy white textures or a colourful backdrop to balance the design out.

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