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Optima Now On Love That Design

24 Dec , 2017  

We are excited to announce that Optima is now on Love That Design.

The key to Optima’s success as a company is product development. Product design and creativity are at the heart of their offering and this is clearly demonstrated by our considerable annual investment in Research and Development.

As an organisation, they strive to launch a new product every year, and believe that constant innovation allows them to stay ahead of the market by enabling them to always build on our expert knowledge, to better both their product offerings and their services to their clients.

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This unique focus on innovation has provided Optima with an understanding of the market and a unique appreciation of clients and their needs. This clarity is most evidently displayed by their pioneering breakthroughs in creating, leading and driving the Acoustic Revolution.

Talking about Optima’s vision for the Middle East, Philip Luxon, Regional Sales Manager at Optima Partitions, “The future looks great! We are looking forward to continuing our work and to developing new products in collaboration with the many outstanding designers in the region. The Middle East is home to talented designers from all over the world, all bringing creative and different ideas to the region.” In terms of working with Love That Design, he goes on to say the following: “What better place to showcase designers’ amazing work, and ours, than on the Love That Design platform.”

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