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Quinti’s collections are born out of a process of creation and realisation made entirely in Italy, and capable of making each proposal unique and original. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!


Quinti collections are born from a collaboration with key design and architectural studios, and experts who are able to provide an innovative vision of products for office and contract. Qualified interlocutors skilled in office design and in stylistic research work daily for a continuous renewal of the proposals in the name of originality and comfort.

“We are trying to capture and anticipate the spirit of the times in order to be leaders of the evolution of the furniture world, enhancing our tradition, improving our organisation and creatively imaging our future.” 

About Quinti

A bit of history on the brand

Quinti was founded in 1975, in the mechanical sector, as a producer of metal components for chairs and sofas. The year 1993 marked the turning point in the company’s history with the arrival of Mirko Quinti, and from there began an unstoppable journey of development that lasts till today. The years that followed saw all processes internalised, collaborations with designers that gave the products international recognition, but most importantly, the establishment of a young and competent workforce that was geared to face every challenge with enthusiasm.

“We have reorganised the production processes of armchairs, office accessories and furniture for greater efficiency and effectiveness (in terms of client service, quality of product and cost effectiveness). In this way, the processes satisfy market demands and adapt to any possible changes in these demands. This organisation has ensured a steady growth in volume, with numbers now touching 50,000 pieces per year!”

Care in every piece

Each Quinti armchair is made with artisanal care using top quality materials. Quinti collections represent a careful combination of aesthetic and functional choices that are able to satisfy market demands. The “Your personal chair” program is the answer to those who love detail, and search for an intense and unique experience in an armchair. Quinti artisans will realise the armchair based on the client’s instructions, creating a complete custom-made product.

“We are trying to capture and anticipate the spirit of the times in order to be leaders of the evolution of the furniture world, enhancing our tradition, improving our organisation and creatively imaging our future”

The Green Project

The brand promotes active protection of the environment, even taking into account the initial stage of creation and product development, including variables so that they weigh as little as possible on environmental resources. 

Besides the installation of a new photovoltaic system of 75 kW, the company has also created its first 100% eco-friendly product using the Plantura material, a biopolymer entirely obtained from renewable sources: DeepBio. The use of this material allows the reduction of CO2 emissions, maintaining the same strength guaranteed by the plastic materials. Plantura biopolymers come from 80% renewable sources, which are particularly long lasting, scratchproof, elastomer-modified, compostable and heat resistant up to 100°C.

Support across the globe

The success on the Italian and international market of Quinti products has grown steadily over time. Important companies of the most varied sectors have chosen Quinti as a partner to realise big projects of furniture. Quinti’s technical and commercial offices are constantly engaged in supporting companies and designers all over the world to provide ever new and functional solutions to the changing needs of offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports and every working space and hospitality.

Over the years, Quinti has increased its presence at the main international trade fairs, such as Salone del Mobile and Orgatec, creating increasingly larger and more attractive stands to promote maximum exposure and communication with market operators. Moreover, Quinti supports its customers and suppliers by promoting the presence of products in multiple design and furniture related events.

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7 January, 2021

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