Rethink your wall game

Walls have ears, they say. We say walls have all the senses to make any space come alive through them. They can work as a tether and a focal point for a space’s design, exuding character. There are many reasons why your wall game is important. We’ll tell you a few to inspire you to revamp your spaces.

  • They help set the tone and perspective of the space’s design.
  • Walls establish a colour palette instantly. 
  • They bring everything together without adding more elements to the usable floor space.
  • They can transform your space and reflect your personal statement and style.

So how do you go about it? Love That Design has handpicked some timeless and chic products to get you started.

Write, draw, erase, repeat.

A new-age wall design idea that can change on demand is possible through All-In-One wall covering! Create highly collaborative spaces in just 24 hours with this incredible product that maximises creativity. Let your imagination run wild! Made with Smooth Seam technology for minimal seams, the wall covering has the industry’s highest-performing low-sheen, magnetic and dry-erase surface. You can also use it on curved walls, turning them into blank canvases. Say no to boring walls!

Bring the rainforest home.

A wide variety of plants can now sway on your walls in different shades of green. These fascinating plant frames are created on a flat moss substrate, giving the feeling of being in a lush, green, tropical jungle right from where you are! The best part? They are very low maintenance and do not demand light or water. Truly ‘evergreen’, the 100% real plant frames last many years and come in three alternatives. You can customise them too. So add a little bit of nature to your walls and see how remarkable they look!

Let the walls speak for themselves.

Flamed wood. Timeless. Elegant. Versatile. And something you can never go wrong with. This charcoal-black wooden piece can be used to create wall art or an accent wall to complement the design of your space. It adds a hint of warmth, piques visual interest and throws in an intriguing element of drama. Resembling charred wood, it is created by embossing multiple veneer layers by a reputable name in the German furniture industry. The wood has no burnt smell, crumbling, or dark stains that can mar its otherwise rich appeal.

Bringing out the genius in simplicity.

Minimalism always stays in style! Create monochromatic, in-vogue walls with these grey and white laminates to say more with less. The Monochrom laminates have impressive resistance to abrasion, heat and moisture and can be used across the room or on just one wall. So whether you create eye-catching alternating grey and white panels or geometric patterns, they’ll transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. These anti-bacterial, silver-ion-treated laminates are the unsung heroes of wall design.

Yesteryear’s stones for today.

If you want to add art, class and taste through just your walls, then the Italian stones in the Dekton Pietra Kode collection are just what you need. Designed on ancient Roman architect Vitruvius’ principles, the three stone types in this collection will make anyone go “Wow!” with just a glance. Dubbed the ‘future of architecture’, these functional stones are versatile and exquisite. Connecting classicism with modernity, these are available in subtle shades of grey and beige. The cherry on top? The stones, designed by Daniel Germani, are carbon neutral.

Lifting the mood of your space.

Inspired by red oxide that forms the foundation of a lot of great creations, the Iron Corten has a metallic touch and strong orange tones to add vibrance to your space. Tile it on your wall to give it a rustic look, or use it to create any other pattern that aligns with your design style. Built to survive the passage of time, this rust-free solid surface is popular today, especially in urban landscapes. It derives inspiration from the industrial design style, which gives it an edgy aesthetic.

Ultra-matte, ultra-velvety, ultra-future.

Embracing the concept of flow and surreality, the Wilsonart® Traceless™ Laminate comes in 10 mesmerising colours with an ultra-matte finish, like peacock and linen velvet. They are equipped with unique fingerprint-resistant technology, making your walls look flawless at all times. Its smudge and smear-free characteristic becomes much more crucial as it has a hard-to-resist velvety smooth surface that you’d just want to keep touching. The one-of-its-kind laminate is heat, scratch and impact resistant, along with being easy to clean and highly durable.

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