Sans Souci Now On Love That Design

Sans Souci is a brand known for creating of unique, bespoke lighting and architectural lighting art installations. We are proud to welcome them on board Love That Design!


Shaped by impeccable design and desire for modernity, at Sans Souci, the brand values innovation and technology above all. A fascination with light and an artisan touch is at the core of their work. The brand takes pride in giving the clients the freedom to realise their dreams.

Founder Martin Chab comes from a Bohemian background and was never afraid to challenge the rules. It is from here that Sans Souci became a leader in the field of lighting originals and a luxury brand for those seeking beauty and inspiration.

About Sans Souci

Technological advances are at our core. Light, design, innovation, and craft help us create, capture your heart and realise your dreams

Martin Chab, Founder

Innovation and Technology

The team specialists know light inside and out. They can tackle the most complex lighting projects using dynamic and interactive lighting features and the latest technology, and offering truly innovative solutions whilst creating a beautiful ambience through light.

The Sans Souci factory in Bohemia’s Crystal Valley is a hub of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology-driven innovations. It is here that the brand successfully develops even the most complex projects. A strong team of designers is always ready to turn your passion into breathtaking design. This is also where they apply the centuries proven craft of hand-blown crystal glass, slumped glass, technical glass, and finishes like cutting, adding a touch of colour, or expertly applied metal nano-coating.

Growth plans for the region (Middle East and Africa) 

Sans Souci are all set to spread their reach wide in the MEA region, having already recruited staff in Dubai to target new countries, such as Israel, Cyprus, and Turkey amongst the Gulf. There are also plans in the offing for an office in KSA in the near future.

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29 April, 2021

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