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At LZF, we create lighting with a timeless appeal. Every one of our handmade wood veneer lamps is manufactured at home in Valencia, Spain. It has been this way since the very beginning.

Valencia is a region with an exceptional wealth of talented makers, across a breadth of creative industries. By working locally, we enjoy much greater control, freedom, and flexibility, over the design and construction of our lamps.

It takes numerous hands to make a lamp: without them, we could not create, innovate, or learn. Our lamps are made with the collaboration of many people: artisans, artists, architects, designers, film-makers, lighting specialists, illustrators, photographers, and writers.

Our beautiful handmade wood veneer lamps are crafted with a combination of traditional knowledge, expert craftsmanship, technological skill, and thorough research.

At LZF, we delight in every aspect of lighting. We appreciate details, shapes, colours, and rhythms. We find beauty in imperfection. We enjoy all that surrounds us and relish the exquisite transformation that light produces in wood.

We build wood lamps in the same way that a couturier makes clothes, a jeweller fashions jewellery, and a potter throw pots: with undeniable verve and grace.

We strive to make lamps that are built to last and do not believe in obsolescence, or the latest fads.

Our original lamps are made with a respect for wood, using FSC certified natural wood veneer. We treat our veneers with Timberlite®, a patented process that ensures the veneer is exceptionally pliable, and resistant to wear and tear (without the need for chemicals).

Packaging is an important consideration, in terms of the natural environment and to ensure our lamps are protected during transportation. We use a combination of recycled cardboard boxes and bags made from potato starch.

It is now more than twenty-five years since the inception of LZF as a lighting brand. Today, we are a business that thrives on time-honoured craft and manufacturing techniques, complemented by modern innovation and technology. We are thrilled to work with an eclectic roster of accomplished designers and diligent craftspeople. As a collective result, LZF has received more than forty-five national and international awards, most notably Spain’s Premios Nacionales de Innovación y de Diseño 2020 (the National Innovation and Design Award 2020) and the Premio Nacional de Artesanía in 2011 (the Spanish National Craftsmanship Award).

As a family business, LZF is always on the side of the client and working tirelessly to meet their needs. We endeavour to provide our clients with a warm, friendly, and professional level of service.

At LZF, we approach every aspect of our business with responsibility. We are not guided by trends: our collection is permanent and our handmade lamps are built to last. In a world of fast design, mass consumption, and harmful waste, we value the importance of quality, know-how, and manufacturing locally. We believe in championing tradition, in a circular economy, and in promoting sustainability.

Spain is a country that is proudly dependent on its local talent and manufacturing: this is part of our nature. With increasing globalisation, we must work to regenerate the industrial fabric
on which many generations of tradition have been built. LZF recognises the continual need to support our local business endeavours, and we do so with complete commitment and a
willingness to collaborate.

LZF, proudly handmade in Spain, since 1994.

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Sandro Tothill

Sandro is cofounder and factory director at LZF Spain. Having set up LZF 28 years ago he has done just about every job there is to do and knows the lamps inside out.

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