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The Wanderers Collection by Yarns of the East Brings Rugs That Resonate With Every Wanderer’s Soul

Yarns of the East believe that floors are the foundation of any exquisite space, and adding a carpet first makes the rest fall into pieces. The brand's latest rugs integrate monochromatic sophistication and bold craft with a minimalist approach to create an impeccable Wanderer’s ...

Yarns of the East Presents the Indian Collection That Celebrates Culture and Tradition

Yarns of the East, through its captivating Indian Collection, brings to life the untold stories and talents of passionate weavers from the East, showcasing their generational prowess and unparalleled skill.

Yarns of the East creates a People-First Approach with Human Social Responsibility (HSR) Over CSR

At Yarns of the East, or as we affectionately call it, Yote, we strive to be true to the people we work with. Changing the course of the conventional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model, Yarns of the East steers away from the mere checkbox model designed for large corpora...

Born in Dubai, Crafted in East, Shared with the World: Handmade Rugs by Yarns of the East

Born in Dubai, Crafted in East, Shared with the World: Handmade Rugs by Yarns of the East

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507, B2B Tower, Marasi Drive, Business Bay,
United Arab Emirates

Yarns of the East specializes in crafting exquisitely handcrafted rugs from the finest materials.

Born in Dubai, Yarns of the East 'Yote' boasts of decades of experience in extensive craftsmanship that has existed since 1969.

Currently offering made-to-order rugs with weavers across three production facilities between India & Nepal. Yote's aim is to unite artisans by showcasing their skills, culture, and diversity in craftsmanship that has often been overshadowed or exploited.

With what's being called the first of its kind, Yote has adopted the term HSR - Human Social Responsibility - Yote allocates 1% of its revenue to support the education and healthcare needs of the weavers and their families, with plans to increase this commitment as the brand continues to grow.

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