Rabih Geha Architects is a team of architects and designers working to create spaces that inspire. Led by Rabih Geha, the team works on a portfolio of projects that include architecture, interiors, product design and experimental installations. From residential and retail to commercial and recreational spaces, the studio’s founding philosophy begins with context. Each design, prompted by the environment it lives in, absorbs the surrounding physical, social and aesthetic elements to result in spaces that are never dictated by trend or style, but rather built with meaning, relevance and most importantly passion.

Defying categorization, Rabih Geha Architects’ vision is regularly intersected with the demands of their clients and the modern world. In each project, they aims to capture the mood, ambiance and blend the spirit of the space by merging design, architecture and the client’s need – this is the key thread that runs through their work. Rabih Geha Architects’ is a premised shaped by internal critique, creative dialogue and an exemplar level of architectural and design aesthetics.

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Rabih Geha Architects