PROJECT: Education

American University in Cairo, Tahrir Cafeteria, Egypt

5 Dec , 2019  

Characterized by a contemporary design which harmoniously contrasts with the ancient stone walls, much of the architectural harmony of the campus, comes from geometry, materials and landscaping.

PROJECT: Learning Centre

Emirates Publishers Association, Sharjah

8 Aug , 2019  

With a monochromatic look created by black steel frames and white marble flooring, the founder of Maja Kozel Design created a warm and inviting space for Emirates Publishers Association’s (EPA) office in Sharjah Publishing City.

PROJECT: Learning Centre

Al Shindagha Museum, Dubai

13 Jun , 2019  

Located within the ever evolving Shindagha District, this new addition to Dubai’s renowned Cultural Quarter, designed by GSM Project, gives visitors valuable insight into Emirati culture, social rituals and heritage.

PROJECT: Healthcare

Koc University Medical Sciences Campus, Istanbul

16 May , 2019  

Kreatif Mimarlik and Cannon Design collaborated on the concept design and medical planning of Koc University Medical Sciences, which was created to fill the need for a new medical department as well as serve as a functioning hospital.

PROJECT: Learning Centre

Ora, Nursery of the Future, Dubai

2 May , 2019  

Designed by Roar (Pallavi Dean Interiors) with contracting work by Cambridge Consultants, the design brief for Ora, Nursery of the Future was to create a learning experience with innovation and futurism in a nurturing environment that is also playful, stimulating and social.

PROJECT: University/College

Konforsit Edu. Suites Boys Dormitory, Istanbul

25 Apr , 2019  

Designed by Renda Helin Design & Interiors with contracting work by Avrupa İnşaat, the Konforsit Edu. Suites Boys Dormitory located in Eyup, Istanbul is based on two building blocks with a fantastically fictional theme throughout.

PROJECT: Education

Beyazit Public Library Renovation, Istanbul

4 Apr , 2019  

Tabanlıoğlu Architects embarked on the restoration works of one of Istanbul’s most prominent libraries, the Beyazit Public Library, known for its rare books and manuscript collection.

PROJECT: University/College

Ordu University Library, Turkey

17 Feb , 2019  

Located in Turkey, the Ordu university, designed by Escape From Sofa, is a dynamic space that flows freely to create a refreshing, peaceful atmosphere for people to study efficiently.

PROJECT: University/College

University of South Wales, Dubai

12 Feb , 2019  

The new campus of The University of South Wales was designed with the aim of creating a facility that would be both innovative and inspiring, so as to ignite creativity and encourage the students to challenge the boundaries of possibility.

PROJECT: Learning Centre

Sheikh Nahyan Bin Moubarak Al Nahyan Centre, Lebanon

6 Feb , 2019  

Designed by Fouad Samara Architects with contracting work by RK Engineering, the Sheikh Nahyan Bin Moubarak Al Nahyan Centre for Arabic Studies & Intercultural Dialogue (CASID) is an addition to the University of Balamand.

PROJECT: Education

Sheraa Entrepreneurship Hub, University of Sharjah

31 Jan , 2019  

Designed by Roar (Pallavi Dean Interiors), with fitout by Optimize LLC, the second installment of the Sheraa Entrepreneurship Hub once again bridges the gap between academia and the business world.

PROJECT: Learning Centre

Common Areas at Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai

8 Aug , 2018  

Common Areas at Dubai Knowledge Park, designed and executed by Swiss Bureau is based on the concept of the tree of knowledge. A transit space was converted to a collaborative one through the lounge and centralized seating around the tree.

PROJECT: University/College

The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)

13 Mar , 2018  

The Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI) is a private, not-for-profit education institution, established by TECOM Group, part of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority.

PROJECT: Education

Sharjah English School, Sharjah

14 Jan , 2018  

Pallavi Dean Interiors designs a modern teaching space with a sense of openness and collaboration.

PROJECT: Education

OliOli, Dubai

24 Dec , 2017  

Sneha Divias Atelier designed a purpose-built learning sanctuary for children providing an opportunity for creative, open-ended, unstructured and limitless play.

PROJECT: Education

Dubai English Speaking College, Dubai

19 Dec , 2017  

Designed by Lulie Fisher Design Studio, DESC is the first of its kind in the Middle East and has the capacity to accommodate up to 500 six formers aged between 16 and 18.

PROJECT: Education

The Swiss International Scientific School of Dubai, Al Jaddaf

21 Nov , 2017  

Designed by SBID and constructed by Al Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading, the Scientific International School of Dubai is located in Al Jaddaf.

PROJECT: Education

Cranleigh, Abu Dhabi

8 Nov , 2017  

GAJ developed the design of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi in close association with TDIC ensuring that the campus embodied the spirit of the existing school.

PROJECT: Education

Sheraa Entrepreneurship Centre, Sharjah

21 Jun , 2017  

The interpretation of this entrepreneurship hub at the American University of Sharjah has been rendered with a light hand to create a fresh, inviting buzz.

PROJECT: Education

Emirates International School, Dubai

27 Feb , 2017  

The interior concept for the Emirates International School Jumeirah (EIS–Jumeirah) draws from the richness of global education paired with the sense of a vibrant community and cultural highlights.



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