PROJECT: Residential

Bush Home, Mabote, Johannesburg

14 Jul , 2019  

Inspired by South African Design, Bush Home is a private house in Waterberg, South Africa that speaks volumes with it’s contemporary design.


City Heights, Cape Town

7 Jul , 2019  

Set by Cape Town’s mountainside, City Heights designed by ARRCC, is a terraced home that is a treasure trove of gem-like materials and custom furniture. The space was designed to provide ultimate comfort within high functioning entertainment zones.

PROJECT: Residential

Kloof 145, Cape Town

16 Jun , 2019  

Designed by SAOTA, Kloof 145 is a private residence that enjoys spectacular views over sandy beaches, boulder outcrops, and the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. The space was designed to reflect the surroundings in which the project was built.

PROJECT: Residential

Fairways, Capetown

9 Jun , 2019  

The Fairways House has a strong tactile element throughout its design, and it was this natural quality that the ARRCC team chose to champion.

PROJECT: Residential

Nirvana House, Kuwait

26 May , 2019  

Designed by AGi Architects, Nirvana Home is a reflection of the culture within which it is developed. The spaces are designed to look at one another, detached from the surroundings and interconnected through a series of courtyards.

PROJECT: Residential

Etilier House, Istanbul

19 May , 2019  

Escape from Sofa styled the Etilier House to create an environment that reflected the client’s lifestyle at its best.


Beyond, South Africa

12 May , 2019  

Perched on the shoulders of Lion’s Head, Beyond House, designed by SAOTA, springs from a steep hillside that drops into Clifton’s white beaches.

PROJECT: Residential

Khalkedon House, Istanbul

5 May , 2019  

Designed by Escape from Sofa, Khalkedon House’s central design concept is contemporary modern, that theme runs through every detail in the house.

PROJECT: Residential

Rock House, Kuwait

28 Apr , 2019  

Rock House is not your average residential project. Designed by AGi Architects and located in Kuwait, the main structure is composed of reinforced concrete, shaped in a similar form as folded origami, and circumnavigates around itself, creating a central courtyard that opens to all the spaces in the house.

PROJECT: Residential

The Nine, Mirissa, Sri Lanka

21 Apr , 2019  

The Nine, Mirissa is a luxury boutique resort villa in Sri Lanka, designed to take maximum advantage of the site’s magnificent views. Designed by Tim Dean, the villa comprises nine levels that beautifully integrated into their surrounding landscape.

PROJECT: Residential

Bora Headquarters, Spain

14 Apr , 2019  

Designed by SAOTA, with interiors by ARRCC and RyS Architects, this relaxed, resort style Mallorca home, overlooking the Port d’Andratx, features free flowing design, which dissolves the threshold between interior and exterior.

PROJECT: Residential

MC House, Bodrum

31 Mar , 2019  

Designed by Escape from Sofa, MC House in Bodrum is a modern living space that blends minimalism and luxury, whilst providing maximum views of its surrounding landscape.

PROJECT: Residential

Three Gardens House, Kuwait

24 Mar , 2019  

AGI Architects designed the Three Gardens House in Kuwait in such a way as to be able to use the outside spaces it throughout the year.

PROJECT: Residential

Wall House, Kuwait

10 Mar , 2019  

Wall House by AGi architects is the physical expression of a family’s life – a large shell protecting everyone that inhabits it.

PROJECT: Residential

Turkmen House, Turkey

3 Mar , 2019  

Situated in Istanbul, Turkmen House and its stylish, contemporary interiors reflect the lifestyle of its resident. Designed by Escape from Sofa, the project features a linear design that flows beautifully from one space to another.

PROJECT: Residential

Areia Residence, Kuwait

24 Feb , 2019  

Located in the Southern part of Kuwait, Areia House boasts interiors that pay homage to symmetry by using simple plane geometry to create a contemporary house that is complex and diverse.

PROJECT: Residential

One Oak Residence, Lebanon

17 Feb , 2019  

Here is an interior akin to a carefully painted canvas. Designed by AskDeco, One Oak Residence in Beirut, a residential project, is an amalgamation of colours, cultures and textures.


Cesme Vogue House, Turkey

6 Feb , 2019  

Designed by the Escape From Sofa team, this popular summer destination in Izmir, Turkey, is styled to resemble an upscale house. The interiors feature natural and plain textures that offer a sense of comfort with a touch of elegance, whilst maintaining the summer spirit.

PROJECT: Residential

Pine Tree Residence, Miami

3 Feb , 2019  

Pine Tree Residence is conceived as a self-contained, multi-layered landscape of experiences, providing views of the India Creek Canal. Designed by SAOTA, the interiors are styled in a fluid living space, that can open up into the canal area, or remain contained when privacy is needed.

PROJECT: Residential

Residential Apartment in Acharfieh, Beirut

27 Jan , 2019  

This residential apartment in Acharfieh, Beirut, was crafted to fit the tastes and comfort of its owners. Designed by Ramy Boutros, the interiors of the apartment are modern with warm greys and neutral tones creating the base palette.


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