Smiths Detection Office, Dubai

12 Mar , 2019  

Designed and executed by Spacewell Interiors, Smiths Detection’s new head office in Dubai Airport Free Zone has a dedicated space to display their cutting edge technology and machinery, which was part of the design brief.

The layout includes a spacious reception and waiting lounge, with furniture arrangements similar to an airport lounge. The client wanted to maximise the view of the runway from the display area, and create the feel of the airport, which is where their technology is widely used.

As the aim was to navigate from the traditional office concept into an open space concept, multiple breakout and touch down spaces were created with a functional, interactive and modern setup. The client also wanted to include training rooms where visitors could get hands on experience working with their technology.

As space planning was the key element of the project due to the odd structure of the building, the training facility, product display and meeting spaces were designed adjoining the lounge. The workspace area provides privacy from the reception, meeting rooms, open collaborations and private phone booths, while the service areas, storage rooms and reprographic areas are designed into strategic locations based on department requirements. The large open workstation is also zoned based on department segregations, along with careful treatment of the open space with acoustic baffles and other floating acoustic solutions.


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