Workplaces are responding to major shifts in business, technology and other far reaching forces. Factor in the ever-increasing pace of those changes, and the workplace must also be more adaptable over time, in ways we cannot yet imagine.

That may sound like a tall order but HNI believes there are ways to make sense of all the noise and develop comprehensive workplace strategies that successfully address all the things an organization needs to consider.

Providing peace of mind and helping our clients succeed by bringing the experts together

We pride ourselves on our local partnerships and the integrity with which our teams execute multifaceted workplace needs. Our seasoned team brings extensive export expertise and manages every order you place across our entire family under one roof.


Allsteel believes in the power of solving problems with people, not just for them. They help you, your business, and your people become what they believe they are meant to be.


HON is inspired by the way people work – because it inspires their work. They believe well designed office furniture not only looks great, but makes people feel great, too. HON products are simple, affordable, and do exactly what they’re meant to do.

Gunlocke makes furniture as solid as their handwork, as purposeful as their design. There is an attitude at Gunlocke that has become known as “the Gunlocke way.” It’s shorthand for their commitment to being relentless in delivering furniture that is rich in character and supported by exceptional service to their customers.

HBF is a leader in beautifully designed, exquisitely crafted and exceptionally constructed products. The products represent the finest in contemporary design, reflecting the essence of current culture while evoking a timeless, transcendent appeal.


Lamex is a pioneer in design, manufacturing, and distribution of comprehensive workspace solutions. They are your trusted partner in creating environments that are stimulating, productive, and satisfying.

What’s New

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Two-Thirds™, a collection of seating and surfaces designed by Joey Ruiter for Allsteel Inc., boasts simple shapes that can be combined to create adaptive and dynamic spaces


Designed in collaboration with Rainlight Design Studio, Townhall groups movable soft seating, tables, and accessories into multifunctional and agile micro-environments for individual and group work in shared, open spaces.

Why Allsteel?

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