Biophilic Interior Design: 10 Restaurants as Examples

Incorporating elements of nature into new-age interior design has become primal to creating human-centered spaces, and biophilic interior design does just that. When used at both, building and city scales, this concept improves the health, sustainability, and economic well-being of inhabitants and the urban environment.

Biophilic interior design has been trending recently due to its relevance in times like today, where feeling connected to our environment is what we crave, especially after the pandemic. F&B projects, that is restaurant design, have seen a surge in adopting biophilic interior design this year and over months we have been witness to varied creative biophilic concepts. Here are 10 restaurants that made a mark on Love That Design with their leafy muses in 2022….


Friends Avenue Cafe, Dubai, by LXA

Biophilic Interior Design

Driven towards a simplistic and minimal approach, the design theme by LXA employs a colorful neutral. The interiors are calm and relaxing, with a palette of subdued tones. We can see the biophilic interior design represented on the roof to create more usable space. The pop of red in the seating headboards balances the pastel tones in the backdrop, as the use of light-toned wood brings about elegance. Most notably, it is the incoming natural light that adds to the charm of the space.


Mama Zonia, Dubai, by Atelier EPJ

Biophilic Interior Design

The spatial design of Mama Zonia by Atelier EPJ is that of a relaxed lifestyle leisure spot that reflects the vivacity of a tropical jungle. Its design pays homage to the Amazonian natural habitat by mimicking its whimsy and richness through the aesthetic. Connections to the imperial legacy continue onto the terrace, designed to resemble a tropical veranda as woven cane furnishings and tables covered in hand-painted tiles speak of a the tropical sun-n-sand vibe. 

This biophilic interior design is also accented with local flora and fauna components. Within this fictitious Amazon, metal sculptures by the artist John Underwood serve as come-stare-at-me pieces.


Secret Garden, Riyadh, by Havelock One

The flower-themed café by Havelock One boasts a dreamlike décor that portrays a budding paradise in the city, giving it numerous design aspects. This restaurant is about “enticing your senses,” not just through their offered delicacies like pastries, cakes, but also through a complimentary pleasing and calming aesthetic. A huge center element represents a floral umbrella sitting in the middle of the Secret Garden restaurant, building upon the organic character of the restaurant.


Mitts & Trays Cafe, Dubai Hills Mall, by Bishop Design

Biophilic Interior Design

The cafe’s design is a mishmash of varying forms and hues.; it provides a striking contrast to the venue’s general subtle look. Intricately hand-drawn wall paintings along with the flooring that is a combination of polished marble with wood in a herringbone pattern, imbue a feminine and sophisticated aura.

Rugs with patterned and solid textures are layered to create a dynamic effect that sparks warmth to the space. It also creates an inviting ambiance that suits the memo for eclectic gourmet experiences and serves an apt example of biophilic interior design.


Spring Feast Restaurant, Hefei, by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Biophilic Interior Design

Tourists and localities who sought a relaxing wellness vacation frequently visit the Bantang hot springs near Chaohu. Located amid stunning scenery, Ippolito Fleitz’s Spring Feast restaurant transforms the surrounding waterscape into a vibrant sensory experience. The water from these well-known springs is utilized in the kitchen and as a beverage staple at this eatery. 

This airy, bright room takes its design inspiration from the fluidity of water, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a scrumptious meal. The stark purity of white brings to the surface the wondrous spirit of the greens, making them the hero of the restaurant.


25 hours Hotel, Dubai One Central, by Woods Bagot and Hopkins Architects

Biophilic Interior Design

The project was designed by Woods Bagot — an international architectural and interior design firm, and is the first of its kind in the Middle East. The hotel’s 434 rooms and suites have a balanced pairing of nomadic and modern decor.

The creative team at Woods Bagot collaborated closely with the CEO of the 25hours Hotel, Christoff Hoffman, and their in-house design studio, Extra Hour Lab, to bring the legends of the Nomads and Bedouins into the contemporary day, where local heroes meet global adventurers.

From the contemporary nomads who get off at the curb, and enter through the spectacular ceiling art-adorned lobby to inculcation of Bedouin influence in various elements, these innovative and refreshing resting spots offer users an opportunity to relax, socialize, get some work done, or go back in time to see the wonders of the analog world. Remember, the aim of biophilic interior design is to alleviate stress and assist in unwinding.


Cala Restaurant, Scottsdale, by House Of Form

Biophilic Interior Design

Cala, a Mediterranean eatery located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Named after a neighborhood in Mallorca, is a trendy drink and restaurant spot that serves up dishes inspired by the seaside. The restaurant’s use of natural colors, textures, and materials, as well as its abundance of plant life, will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of the desert and onto a Mediterranean beach.

A lot of thought and planning went into making sure that visitors to House of Form felt like they’d been transported the moment they stepped inside. The biophilic interior design was inspired by the union of two contrasting environments: the sandy, textural desert, and the breezy, open seaside. As a reflection of the seaside setting, the dining room was designed with softer wood tones. Adding a touch of dimension to the walls without making it too cluttered, the handmade terracotta pots typical of Arizona are arranged in limewashed arches at the entrance.


Piada Restaurant, Lyon, by Masquespacio

Biophilic Interior Design

Masquespacio has constructed a second piadina store in the heart of Lyon, France, after the huge success of the original.

The new Piada takes cues from the original, which debuted in 2018, and will attempt to preserve the defining features of the original while expanding upon them. To this end, the new Piada has been designed to reflect a fusion of styles, with a nod to the traditional aesthetic of Italian bars and a nod to the modern, health-conscious trend. 

Its sides with pastel tones, adds a fresh, modern feel to the room, while the wood and velvet accents warm things. On the other side, a ‘natural’ stucco finish was employed on the walls.


Kaori Restaurant, Florida, by Interior Image Group and Spazio Bressan

Located in the middle of Brickell, this 2,500-square-foot restaurant and bar serves delicious Mediterranean and Asian fusion dishes. Interior Image Group incorporated sleek, modern, and sophisticated design elements. They made use of simple, organic, and natural components.

Use of materials like light concrete, porcelain tile, traditional walnut wood, brass bronze accents, and bronze mirrors to make the space cozy and elegant. The intention was to include natural elements into the space without sacrificing the location’s urban character.

A rooftop exhibition — kitchen and eating area — has a commanding view of the cityscape. Japanese-style wood screens and verdant landscaping provide separate areas that are both private and aesthetic. At the end, the design proves to be a balanced exemplar of biophilic interior design.


Terraza Restaurant, Idaho, by HDG Architecture

Biophilic Interior Design

There is a strong feeling of community in North Idaho, much as there is among the inhabitants of South America. You can expect a calm and casual atmosphere at Terraza, perfect for group meals and socializing.

Terraza, a “patio” in Latin, is a patio or outdoor meeting space built by HDG Architecture with a Latin material palette, clean, uncomplicated lines, and a subtropical feel. Glazed tile and terracotta wall sconces evoke classical Latin architecture.

Terrazas interiors are divided up into many smaller, more private areas by a series of visual barriers composed of vertical steel pieces. Tropical plants and warm wood tones not only brighten the area but also give it an organic vibe, making it seem as if it is summertime, even in the depths of winter in North Idaho.

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29 November, 2022

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