Desk and Dusted: Tables for offices

Desks are a mandate for working – and that has been true almost as long as the word ‘work’ has existed. In the digital age, and in a time where the roles of offices are being relooked at, desks are transforming, too. Whether that be aesthetically, or improvising functionality – today desks need to be more than just surfaces. Here are Love That Design’s picks for desks that satisfy the contemporary demands of modern office settings. Have a look…

The Arki-Table Adjustable Desk from Pedrali is a game-changer for creating a functional and dynamic office space! Its practical and height-adjustable top, supported by sleek steel trestle legs and an extruded aluminium frame, is designed to boost productivity and elevate your work experience. With two powerful electric actuators controlled by a convenient controller under the top, you can easily customize the desk height to your ideal level, ranging from 740 to 1140 mm. The desk also features a cable access point and a stylish sound-absorbing panel upholstered in fabric, perfect for anchoring and dividing workstations.

With changing landscapes of workplace designs, today’s offices require more than just nice-looking pieces of furniture. Boss Design’s ACDC Height Adjustable aims to transform the way you work. It pays utmost attention to benefit the human body whilst promoting healthy well-being.

As the name suggests, The product comes with a height-adjustable collection that includes large meeting tables, and individual sit-and-stand desks, all with full attention to ergonomics. 

It comes in six top sizes, provides rectangular, elliptical and oval-shaped tops, and comes in 2 frame options. It has a black frame and a standard food option with fixed screens and modesty panels that are available on request. A unique combination of Black, White, Grey and polished aluminium frame and foot options are also available as per desired.

Gone are the days when meeting tables had a boxed-up design and were set to a rectangular frame. The new Zig Tables by KI are a twisted take on a regular meeting table, with tampered, folded steel legs of zig that are similar to Lynn Chadwick sculptures.  

With its unique twisted appeal, they even create a profile of a ziggurat, a central feature of the ancient city under the table. Not only are they created with comfort and care, but they also provide the right design balance to your meeting rooms.

DR by Frezza

Uniquely crafted in Italy, DR by Frezza is designed by Claudio Bellini. This product is a revolutionary executive desk, defining ‘the timeless style’. The desk is massed together and composed of an aerial wooden structure, holding a glass or rigid top suspension. Its unique body gives it a magical visual balance. 

This balance is obtained from top veneered in natural walnut wood, edged with a prolific solid walnut and rounded edges. Coming down to its structure, the desk comes in (L. 210 cm P. 100 cm), which can even cater to home environments at your convenience.

Moving on to another creative piece for the working environment, Buddy by Bisley is the new-age personal storage solution that is accompanied by heightened adjustable desking. 

It also provides an alternative to the free-standing note pedestal and caddy. Additionally, it also comes with a universal attachment, can be seamlessly customised as per your design taste and is convenient for all users. The company also offers a broad range of colours to match your office’s mood board as per desired. 

To top off, they also come in steel and wooden options with a 5-year warranty. Hence, A pop of buddy blend will surely make your work environment stand on top of its design and aesthetic game.

Connect Table by Andreu World is born from a unique product collaboration with Gensler and Product Design Consultant. This quirky table has an intelligent system with a multimedia connection and power supply. To reduce storage space, The table top can be folded down, providing flexibility in workspaces. 

This product is ideal for spaces where agile changes are required between training sessions, group meetings or even video conferences in offices. Drawing down to its properties, the table comes in aluminium bases or mobile versions with casters, allowing complete mobility and is easy to handle.

In Feature Image Studio by Bene

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