Earthy and Elegant

Feature Image: JP Residence, Kyiv by Men Bureau

From the raw bricks of Ancient Mesopotamia’s ziggurats to modern structures, the allure of earthy textures, finishes, and furniture has endured. This timeless aesthetic allows people to reconnect with nature, offering a refuge from the fast-paced modern world. This is why Team Love That Design has curated a collection that embodies this elegant earthy vibe, showcasing how design can seamlessly blend with the natural world to create spaces that soothe the soul and inspire tranquility.

Challenging convention.

Why settle for flat tiles when you can embrace dimensionality? Woven Image’s innovative Wave Tile is visually stunning, acoustically superior and effortless to install. Crafted with their signature clipping system, these 3D-formed tiles bring a natural, flowing, earthy charm to any space. Elevate your design game by creating a striking feature wall that puts these exceptional tiles in the spotlight they deserve. Choose from eight vibrant colours and mix colourways for an interesting composition.

Infuse a natural aesthetic.

ARCHISONIC® Cotton is an ‘earthy’ acoustic material in its truest sense. It seamlessly creates an earthy texture in a setting of your choice and follows the principle of circularity with 100% fully recyclable materials made from cotton cellulose. Designers are offered infinite possibilities in a wide palette of twenty-four natural earth tones curated by Colour Hive trend scouts. It can be used to add depth and visual interest to the most mundane spaces.

Wood that woos.

SAS International’s bespoke suspended wooden ceilings are reminiscent of the old-world charm of what wood can do. Comforting, warm and familiar, this robust solution brings nature indoors. It is ideal for practical use in high-traffic zones, is environmentally friendly, UV, corrosion, and weather-resistant, and offers acoustic excellence. Consider using varying wood tones or patterns to experiment with textural interior design.

Create a floating world.

Ukiyo is a Japanese word that means living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life, like a floating world. Crafted to restructure the identity of interior cladding, this product stays true to its name. Umber, one of the five offerings of the collection, comes in an exquisite splash of terracotta – a natural reddish pigment that adds an unforgettable earthy character to any space.  Created with an innovative blend of minerals, it brings outstanding performance for versatile applications. You can choose from 15 or 30 surface groove options.

Find the flow.

Crafted in a sinuous, continuous line, these stools blend functionality with artistic elegance. The Flow Collection consists of four fluid, ergonomic stools of different heights and a tray. Made from a beech plywood shell with oakwood or walnut finishes, they boast a sled frame in a varnished steel rod. What sets them apart is the convenient handle at the back, allowing for effortless movement and the option to hang items. Pair them with rustic wooden tables, complementing earth-tone fabrics, and add touches of greenery to create an earthy vibe.

Truly a new wave.

Inspired by the Danish West Coast’s rugged beauty, this Ege Carpets collection reflects the untouched landscape’s natural textures, shapes, and captivating scenery, offering a treat for the senses. With large-scale patterns woven in multiple yarn layers, the designs remind one of sand dunes, grass fields, and sea waves. Sustainable, the collection is available in seven coastal-inspired tones, with all designs, such as broadloom and rugs, available. Designers can use wood and stone elements to complement it well.

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