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With a deep history steeped in handcrafting tradition, Portuguese office furniture brand, FAMO, has adopted technology and innovation, progressing seamlessly into modern day workplaces. We are proud to welcome them on Love That Design!



Since 1947, FAMO has been building a unique and exemplary story in the Portuguese office furniture industry. While upholding their legacy as handmade artisans, the brand has developed a deeper knowledge and understanding of the industry. FAMO is proud to always be a step ahead of the trends, holding hands with technology and continuing to design and innovate with a passion.

More than thinking outside the box, FAMO reinvents and rebuilds this box, creating a workspace that is tailored to fit your every need.

About Famo

About the Brand

The art of working the metal is the basis of FAMO’s origins. For more than 70 years, FAMO boasts three generations of employees that are passing their precious know-how from people to people, from professional to professional, and from talent to talent. Over time and to keep up with the developing world, the brand merged its traditional methods with technology and innovation, creating a solid and reliable union.

Rather than following trends, FAMO takes pride in pioneering them. Creativity forms a major part of their DNA and is present in the way they tackle their projects, big or small, custom or ready-to-deliver.

The result? Beauty and functionality, with good taste and utility.

Plans for the future

FAMO’s latest innovative solution, Nanosafe, is an effective and long-lasting antimicrobial  coating that combines antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal activity.

Nanosafe formulation contains a biocide immobilized in nanoparticles of an inert silica-based compound that becomes active in the coating without being consumed or dispersed in the ambience. It attacks the microorganisms by disrupting their membranes in just few minutes from the initial contact.

Its application is currently focused on wood and wood-based materials (e.g. melamine, laminate, veneer and lacquered), but the brand is developing formulations in order to be able to apply the coating to their other office furniture materials.

With the current state of the world and for safeguarding future spaces, the Nanosafe coating solution is certainly here to stay.

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18 March, 2021

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