Huddle Up: Products ideal for collaborations at work

What is the one thing that most people miss while working from home? It’s socialising and collaborating with colleagues on projects. Offices have morphed into hubs of working in synergy with teammates; hence, the face of workplace interiors is transitioning. With demands come solutions, and this list, handpicked by Love That Design, features products super conducive to collaborations…

With workplaces upgrading their design game, it becomes essential for office furniture to provide ergonomic seating options. The new Soft Work by Vitra offers a versatile platform for individual workers and team members. The tables and chairs can be pulled in and out as required. In addition to this, the panels seamlessly create spaces for quiet, peaceful work. These mobile tables and chairs also have extensions such as table surfaces, power outlets and charging stations.  The product itself is so flexible that it can easily be assembled into various arrangements, allowing designers and architects to create flexible areas, focus points and much more. Overall, due to its comfortable padding, one can sit on it for a longer period.

Bend by Actiu

Modern offices are all about coequally paying attention to informal as well as formal meeting points. For those comfortable and candid meeting areas, the present-day Bend by Actiu seating is inviting and functional. It is made up of 4 different modules which can either be kept individually or can be combined to form a closed circle, making it easier to communicate. The wooden finish legs add an extra homely feel to the space. This exquisite product can be paired up with round modules and side tables of different heights, giving your workspace a dynamic appearance.

Long gone are the days when office tables were restricted to squares and repetitive furniture pieces. The brand new, thoughtfully crafted Roopa by Arper celebrates minute yet significant details in your workspace. These centre tables are finished with attention to surfaces and textures, which are perfect for your break areas and informal meetups. The finishing has a comfortable contrast between the matte frame and high gloss, giving it an overall complete look. The centre base table in the collection comes in 54 cm in height whereas the leg base occasional table comes 36 cm.

Challenging the lounge dynamics of workplaces, Milani brings to you the ultimate People Home lounge seating. These cosy family-designed seatings are ideal for trendy office designs for you and your coworkers. Not only are these add an informal touch to your offices, but they are also innovative and eye-catching, wanting you to sit for hours.

Workspaces require cosy yet functional sofas that let you unwind yet let you concentrate on your work. Presenting Around by Leyform, a minimal product that brings you a perfect union of elegance and comfort in your office. A sofa which is adaptable to constrained spaces, this modular piece is available from one to three seaters with low or high side/back panels. You can smartly play around your office space with this collection, which secretly draws attention with its simplicity.

International design brand Fritz Hansen unveiled its latest modular furniture release PLENUM™ Sofa. An absolutely stellar piece for workspaces, this can surely make your heads turn along with providing comfortability. Designed by Jamie Hayon, this present-day furniture stimulates collaboration, concentration or even relaxation. Its design and build is a strong curved high-back sofa system and is additionally available in one, two or three-seater units. Adding more to its properties, the unit also comes with beneficial functionalities such as USB ports, and power plugs with mounted or separate tables.

Whether it’s a private conversation or an informal meeting, the modern-day sofa by INCLASS comes with modular compositions along with privacy screens. The advantageous piece can even be clubbed with elements such as arms of different formats, upholstered seatings, privacy panels and tabletops for utmost customisation, making it a thoughtful and well-balanced piece for your office.

Wing by True Design is a unique table that is built to connect a large number of networks. Its sturdy design is made of a wooden frame inspired by the sawhorse of the working tables. The round shape of the top holds contemporary lines, defining great aesthetics. The table is highly flexible and can be combined with acoustic panels, a brass reading lamp and wooden or metal trays that can be installed through a magnetic fixing system. Furthermore, the acoustic panel allows individuals to focus on micro-environments, leading to brainstorming and stimulation. Overall, The table is bound to create an ecosystem to work at.

A soft, fluffy yet functional seating, young born brand infiniti presents a cubic-shaped office sofa – Waffle Endless. With its precise geometric forms, it sits seamlessly in workspaces. A product well-structured from the outside, the inside is a solid contoured upholstery, providing comfort to the users. Practically, the product has been utilised by all four corners, making it ideal for flexible office designs. What’s more? This quirky piece comfortably sits in a squared perimeter of the office space, which guarantees freedom of design composition which would be non-constraint.

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