Taking it higher: Innovative Ceiling and Wall Solutions

While furniture often takes the spotlight, it’s aspects like walls and ceilings (elements that actually make up the space) that decide the vibe. Stark white speak of a pristine and minimalist outlook, while a ceiling with coloured elements might make users crane their neck, giving rise to interesting interiors. Sometimes, wall and ceiling solutions also amplify a space and troubleshoot many causes of concern – all in all, they are unsung heroes of a design. To demonstrate their versatility and contribution, here’s a list of ceiling and wall solutions that is innovative, eye-catching and eclectic….

Prisma is a graceful, button-operated and space solution in glass, which gives it added benefits such as transparency, clean lines, and a lightweight structure. Having no requirements for floor or wall tracks means hassle-free installment and a seamless aesthetic. With Prisma, the reconfiguration of a space is  just a click away!

Inspired by arches and art deco motifs, EchoPanel® Palace makes use of faint linework on walls that cater to acoustic services. Each of these panels has a bevelled edge that impart a superior finish to the end product. EchoPanel® is Global GreenTag™ certified with a Platinum Product Health Declaration, low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Red-List free, and has published ingredient transparency through Declare.

In areas, where having acoustic efficiency is imperative, Soft Cells wall and ceiling panels could be the ideal solution. These panels incorporate a reflective plate behind a textile layer that offers Class-E sound absorption. The tactility of the surfaces combined with visual superiority can do a whole lot to deliver well-designed spaces.

Mineral ceiling tiles, ADAGIO Acoustic+ offer the brightest, whitest finish that enables proper reflecting, thereby aiding spaces in being naturally lit, warm and welcoming. It’s smooth and durable surface also balances sound absorption and sound attenuation, and with being Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze, one cannot be wrong about this choice.

One of SAS’ most eclectic products, SAS740 can accommodate complicated geometry and void access in linear ceilings. However, its most unique feature is its ability to intersperse with acoustic infill panels. For interior designs that require a bespoke and novel aesthetic, this alumunium system is a great match, since it even integrates lighting in its structure.

Described as “exactly the right middle course in the design of rooms with sophisticated aesthetics” BASWA Classic Phon Fine was created to facilitate a seamless and jointless experience in curved ceilings such as domes and vaults. The plaster’s two-coat “Classic” systems surface coatings may be matched to almost any colour, covering a large scope in design.

Available in a range of joyous colors and shapes, acoustic ceilings from Impact Acoustic came up with the collection to help “beat acoustic challenges in a creative and effective way.” With such a range at play, that offers both standard and bespoke solutions – spaces can transform from quiet to quirky pretty quickly.

Focus from Ecophon

Imbuing flexibility in design is Ecophon Focus™, which is a collection of ceiling systems that caters to a wide variety of functions via making different edge designs, forms, levels and installation options available. The visible surface of acoustic wall and ceiling panels has an Akutex™ FT coating, while the hind is covered in glass tissue contributing Class A absorption.

As the name itself indicates, The Oversize system from Caimi Brevetti, are large-sized sound-absorbing panels. Made with Snowsound technology that can be located on the wall, ceiling or on a desk, these panels can be employed for various aesthetic settings, starting right from clean and minimal to out-of-the-box and eccentric. 

Positioned mostly for offices, Still is engineered to reduce drastic background noise, creating an environment that is not only lively due to the cheery colors and shapes, but also easy to converse and communicate in.

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