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Teknion now on Love That Design

18 Jul , 2017  

We are happy to announce that Teknion is on board with Love That Design. “Teknion is really excited to be part of Love That Design’s unique initiative as they’re regarded as innovators in terms of reporting design trends and engaging the wider design and construction community,” asserts Steve Vellozzo, the Regional Vice President of Teknion for the Middle East and Africa.

Teknion’s devotion to designing products that function across borders and within divergent cultures and environments is evident in their truly inspiring portfolio. Innovation and vision. Two qualities that align the Teknion brand with Love That Design’s passion for design.

Teknion is known for conceptualising furniture that works wherever their client works. For Teknion, this is not merely a credo. This very particular philosophy informs each aspect of their approach to design and product development.

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Teknion’s furniture works wherever you work. Extraordinary custom designs, exceptional flexibility and orders organized around your needs and expectations. This is what sets Teknion apart.

Hard work over the past 25 years, extensive dealer networks and a dedicated team of project managers; that’s what Teknion’s success boils down to for Vellozzo: “We have earned the reputation of being reliable partners for our Middle Eastern clients.”

Teknion Zones Table
Teknion Zones Table

By introducing the design community to some collaborative style product concepts such as Zones, and by focusing on the well-being and social networking elements, Teknion’s holistic and all-encompassing approach offers a variety of world-class solutions to design firms. Vellozzo goes on to say that the Middle East is considered a fast-paced, highly innovative and challenging market, and as a result, Teknion aspires to make their clients’ workspace a happy one.

Saiful Anuar, Director of Marketing & Customer Solutions at Teknion, advises that there are many variables affecting workplace design and users’ experience in it. He unpacks this by saying that “[Teknion] needs to be sensitive to these variables and aware that it is constantly changing from one end of the spectrum to another.”

Teknion Keele Chair
Teknion Keele Chair

With the future of design firmly in mind, Anuar underlines the importance of listening, observing and simply asking how people and organizations work in an ever-changing workplace landscape. Teknion is in the position to uncover the state of these variables, and design solutions that resonate with the current trends and possibly pave the way for future solutions.

Anuar believes that, as a city and creative hub, Dubai “will help us uncover key knowledge that is affecting the global workplace trends and movement.” He asserts that, in turn, this will help Teknion create better products and solutions for their customers.

As one of many key players in the design industry, Love That Design welcomes the opportunity to join forces with Teknion. Leading by example, as Teknion has been doing throughout the years, has served them well and will ensure future success. Here’s to a long and successful road ahead!

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