Trendspotting 2020: Materials, Surfaces & Flooring

In this recurring monthly feature, we look at the latest themes in various interior design verticals. This month, we showcase flooring, surfaces and materials that drive well designed, modern day interiors. Welcome to the first edition of Trendspotting 2020.



Flooring, materials and surfaces tie in the visual consistency of spaces. They can complement each other, create a canvas for FF&E, elevate the concept, and generally accentuate the overall design. Here we round up some of the trends in this field that stand out and remain popular.

Biophilia and nature-based aesthetics

Nature still prevails as a trend that seems to be here to stay. Biophilic design appeals as much today as it did some five years ago, and with continued urbanisation and development, it makes complete sense to create interiors that bring the outside in. It’s not as simple as just placing some greens in a corner; it’s more about creating a natural, sustainable and consequently healthy environment, that promotes an atmosphere of wellness.

Draw your heart out

Since the seventies, and the more recent revival of retro, patterns are back with a bang. Soft, circular edges, angular stripes, and simple geometrics prevail. They do add a decent dose of personality to any given space, and we notice that some of our global manufacturers are hot on the heels of this trend.

Primaries that pop!

On the one hand we have fresh, earthy tones and retro gradations dominating interiors. On the other, we still see many spaces accentuated by doses of vibrant primary colours replacing the pastel craze of the last few years. With fall approaching, interior accents too are getting richer and warmer.

Brands: Modulyss and Luum

Of the Earth

Natural stone has been a part of architecture and interiors since the dawn of civilised construction. As the years progress and technology advances, the growing awareness of our planet’s depleting resources is leading many major brands to perfect the science of engineered and manufactured. Today, actual marble, for instance, is relegated to the museums of luxury, while practical and usable spaces are using products that allow for more wear and tear, with far less maintenance, and a much longer lifespan. And with the latest technology, the look and feel mimics natural stone, wood, concrete and more to perfection. Win win!

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