Turning Heads: Stare-worthy Shower Systems

Many erroneously think that design is about what you show to the world. It becomes about what people will think and say and, consequently, about impressing them. But design, really, is about you. How does it make you feel? Does it express your personality? It is important for even the most private of our spaces to reflect who we are and, at the least, offer us the opportunity to rejuvenate or relax. 

One of the most underrated private spaces are our bathrooms. How do you turn them into havens and still ‘turn heads’? The answer lies in the shower systems. In this article, we are going to suggest some extraordinary shower systems by brands around the globe that look good and feel great. Ready?

A poetic flow.

“Maximalist aesthetics with the soul and subtleness of Italian finesse…” says the designer Simone Micheli while talking about his inspiration for the Lounge range. A poetic expression, the rain and cascade shower head is wall-mounted and perfect for much-needed rejuvenation. With a flow rate of 16,80 litres per minute, it is also equipped with anti-limescale barriers that make it easy to maintain.

On-trend, efficient, awe-worthy.

Inspired by contemporary design style, this shower column and thermostatic shower mixer are synonymous with luxury. Fitted with a hand shower, it allows you to add a showerhead of your choice, ideally one from the Bristol collection by this premium brand. It is a sophisticated bathroom accessory with flawless craftsmanship that is wall-mounted, highly durable, made of brass and has a Santiago finish.

Drain the old way away.

Say hello to the new-age shower channels that are packed with functionality and elegance. They are hygienic, easy to clean, easy to install and can be customised for the exact length you need them for. Place it anywhere you like, it merges effortlessly into any design concept. Designed by a brand that is a European market leader for sanity products, they are innovative and look oh-so-modern. 

Simplistic, futuristic.

A pioneer in bathroom spaces, Kohler has come up with this truly ‘contemporary’ showerhead that is built with innovative Katalyst air-induction spray technology. Feel the power of rain, allowing you to escape instantly to an oasis of your choice. It has Life-Bright™ corrosion resistance, a bronze body and a polished chrome surface, offering at least 50 years of use. Choose from the wide variety of designs offered by the brand and watch it create a medley in your bathroom.

At a turn of just a button.

An amalgamation of practicality and minimalistic design, this three-valve thermostat offers you seamless control over different water outlets and spray patterns. The GROHE TurboStat technology prevents sudden temperature fluctuations, which means no surprises! Durable, easy to install, slim and created with intuitive, textured buttons, this thermostat is all that you need to turn bathing into a soothing experience. 

Lights, water, action!

A shower and a lamp – complete ingenuity! Created in 11 colours that epitomise luxury, this can take your bathroom’s design up a notch. With a 2700K LED integration and a rain spray, the shower complements the bathroom performer in you. Wall-mounted with an adjustable shower angle, it is created by a brand known for its avant-garde, one-of-a-kind pieces conceived in collaboration with renowned designers. 

Beautifying water.

The pitter-patter of rain drops in your intimate bathroom space, with an aesthetic-enhancing design is what Pulsify gives you. Its microfine PowderRain spray mode can camouflage into any space or theme. The spiral shower sprays are sensational to look at and easy to clean with just your fingers. You can choose the overhead or the handshower from Hansgrode’s award-winning range and get a taste of luxurious showering.

A shower system that doesn’t fail to impress.

Crafted by a brand with a strong design heritage, Ceratherm T50 is a shower system with exposed thermostatic mixer. The FirmaFlow Therm technology in this shower system offers a fusion of safety, durability, ergonomic design and unparalleled performance. Ideal for hotels, residential spaces, educational institutions or anywhere else, it is enveloped in chrome-plated brass and has a flow rate of 12 litres per minute. 

Design intelligence in not one but six showerheads.

Imagine the power of six showerheads, built into one, with the water cascading towards you from the ceiling! Istanbul Built-in Shower Head comes from a brand that prides itself in innovation and being the only one that offers all bathroom components. It is unlike anything you have seen before and can elevate your bathroom’s design gracefully. With a pristine chrome-finish, the showerhead is built for evolving tastes and times.

Turn your bathroom into an organised oasis.

An unorganised bathroom can ruin even the most in-vogue design themes. That’s why Keuco’s shower basket is a saviour. Not only does it allow you to organise, it also adds a layer of convenience and style. Available in five colours, it is removable and has concealed fastening screws that make it even more appealing to the eye.

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