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Vitra Now On Love That Design

14 Sep , 2017  

We are excited to announce that Vitra is now on Love That Design.

Vitra’s essence boils down to creating innovative products and concepts with great designers. It’s as simple as that. For more than fifty years, Vitra has developed office furniture that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. The role of the office has grown in importance over the years, with intelligent spatial solutions making a significant contribution to the identity and success of today’s companies. In addition, Vitra regards the furnishing of public interiors – in airports and train stations, in cultural and educational institutions, or in cafés, restaurants and hotels – as a welcome opportunity to demonstrate the positive influence of design. Because Vitra has its roots in the shopfitting business, it has acted as a partner to retail businesses for over eight decades, and has helped to increase the attractiveness, quality and productivity of numerous spaces and products.

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Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s main design goal.

According to Morten Joergensen, General Manager of Vitra Middle East & Asia, “Vitra is excited to grow its awareness on innovation and design across many channels. Love that Design helps us do just that; a unique platform that excels in showcasing our products and work done across the region.”

Sankar Viswanath, Managing Director Swiss Corporation for Design and Technology, mirrors Joergensen’s sentiments by pointing out that everything influences Vitra’s design solutions, which means that there is no single solution to a design problem: “There are many solutions to a design problem that will work well. Our goal is to seek the best design we’re capable of delivering.” He goes on to say that at Vitra, designers, design teams and their leaders are constantly on the search for strategies that articulate their unique contribution in terms that are relevant and easily understood by the design community, and ultimately, by those individuals who use our products. And this is exactly where a relationship between an iconic brand such as Vitra and an inspiring online design solution such as Love That Design comes into play.

Viswanath underlines the fact that design touches everything the design community does. As he puts it, it is the art of visualizing ideas. “Love That Design’s very aim is to aid this process and to make the most of what the Middle East has to offer in terms of its built projects.” He points out that realizing how design can impact you as a reader, consumer, user, or customer, may not only change how you interpret a product but also how you utilize design in your everyday life or business. Viswanath feels that by partnering with Love That Design, designers, architects, manufacturers and users – anyone involved in this ever growing industry – are asked to pause, to examine the multitude of projects being worked on in the local context, and to take a look around and reflect how stimulating and motivational design touches them and their business.

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