Workspaces to WOWspaces: Executive and Lounge Products

Office design must turn heads and reflect personality. An office’s interior can bolster company values and make employees feel incentivised to work to their full potential.  These products from global brands are integral ingredients to formulate a space that is couture as it is collaborative. Once you browse through our recommendations, you will know exactly what we mean. 

From pieces that making executive cabins enthralling to products that can enliven break-out spaces like no other, this curated list of products will help designers in formulating offices that are look as good as they feel. 

Exclusive, extraordinary, executive.

A medley of aluminium, glass and wood, the AL Executive Office is an authentic furniture line material where these surfaces play harmoniously with each other. It’s light and made with the perfect mix of high-end technology, world-class design and top-tier flexibility. Built skillfully for modern workspaces, you can create a cohesive, contemporary and intricate design language with BENE’s AL line. 

Sit on your own throne.

Silver goes beyond a chair. Much like its name, it’s precious and can take centerstage in any space without the shimmer. Created deliberately by combining engineering and design, it’s ideal for long-term use and long-term oomph. The argentine swivel chair is uber-ergonomic, sophisticated and has won multiple awards. Make it a part of your workspace today. It seamlessly blends into any theme!

At an ‘arm’s’ length.

Crafted by a brand that is a pioneer in monitor arm technology, Ollin is built for the next century. It accommodates curved screens up to 9 kg in weight and has fingertip rotation, smooth articulation and responsive movement. Its compact design makes its 3-point cable management system invisible for the chic look. Equipped with Friction Resistant VESA, it makes landscape-to-portrait rotation resistance-free. It could be yours in black, white or silver!

The magic carpet is real!

Experience unparalleled comfort with this luxurious velour carpet made with high-quality, fine yarn fibres. It’s matte, voluminous and has a wool-like visual appeal that can complement any space. Available in six thoughtfully-picked natural colours, it also comes with ten border options. The best part? Its dust, liquid and dirt-repellent properties make cleaning hassle-free.  

Contours, Curves and Comfort

Aventador sets a new standard in executive armchairs with its impeccable design, cozy contours, and cutting-edge features. It embodies a perfect blend of style and practicality, showcased through its graceful and sophisticated design. The armchair’s aluminum armrests take center stage, incorporating state-of-the-art synchronized mechanism, while the backrest combines steel and polyurethane with varying densities.

Chirpy, crazy and cute.

A cute three-piece culture piece that can light up your day! Ichi, the penguin, Ni, the parrot and San, the robin are three barmy birds crafted from dark wood with a unique, exotic and Nordic eclectic design. Elevate your decor to add a little bit of a homely and warm vibe with this offbeat trio that can also prove to be a great conversation starter.

Sow, grow and flow.

Spruce up your workspace with this series of circular and portable plater inspired by the pleats and linear forms of nature. Grow plants to add a green, lush pop of design that softens the strong architecture of workspaces and creates a nook for rejuvenation. It’s up for grabs in two materials – oak tambour or powder-coated pressed steel. 

Lounge on-demand.

Marnie is a lounge chair series that fits anywhere! With two options of an angular high-back and a low-back chair, it is made from premium upholstery, Combustion Modified High Resilience moulded seat and foam. Whether it is for a meeting, a power nap or a creative session, the chairs are just what you need. They come in the options of a 360-degree swivel base or a painted steel four-leg base. You can also choose from an oak or a painted frame and a variety of upholstery options.

A chair that feels like a hug.

A hug for you and the environment! This ultra-sustainable, cosy and ergonomic lounge chair has a shell made from thermopolymer ECO of natural origin, which is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Its foam, fabric, wood, or aluminium base materials can be easily separated, reducing its carbon footprint. It is available in four stunning colours, with an upholstered interior, seat and lumbar cushion, which helps it merge into any space or design style. 

The ebbs and the flows.

A curvilinear, sculpted bookcase inspired by the ocean’s waves creates multiple spaces and surfaces for displaying your book, sculptures or anything else you can think of! Made from moulded MDF, it comes in three wave configurations that allow you complete freedom to create your own design expression. You can choose from red, grey, black and white exterior paint colours. It can be used along the walls, as a space divider or however you, please.

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