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The History Behind Supertube

The first Supertube to return in a dozen colors had its predecessor in a school lighting from 1949, which was intended to shine above the blackboard in the classroom. Throughout the 1970s, the lamp would undergo one product development after another and become an often plagiarize...

Swedish light Manufacturer Ateljé Lyktan Presents The Studio at Stockholm Design Week

During Stockholm Design Week the Swedish light manufacturer ateljé Lyktan presents The Studio, an exhibition at Gallery Sebastian Schildt highlighting their long tradition

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It was in a Copenhagen milk bar that a newly graduated arts student and his girlfriend decided on a name for their new business. Swedes Hans Bergström from Karlshamn and Verna Norell with roots in Åhus had acquired premises in Helsingborg’s craftsman’s quarter. The idea was to make lamps and weave rugs. Hans would look after the lamp making and Verna would be in charge of the weaving workshop. The Swedish words for workshop and lamp combined to form the name – ateljé Lyktan.
The business soon took off and Hans and Verna’s workshop was overrun with customers wanting to buy lamps and craft textiles. The lamps were especially popular.

ateljé Lyktan puts light, people and the environment at the centre. The importance of light for human activities and welfare is what motivates us. With our solid lighting knowledge, long experience and breadth, we create innovative, energy efficient and sustainable products. It is a responsibility we have and a contribution we make to the world around us

By creating lighting solutions with high quality best adapted to people’s requirements and with the least possible impact on the environment, ateljé Lyktan contributes to, and takes responsibility for, a sustainable development within society in general.


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The Onyx Tower 1, Office 914,
The Greens,
P.O. Box 126287,
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 43 29 7120
Email: [email protected]

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Mohammad Darwish

Sales Director at Fagerhult MENA

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