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Fearless Living

Limited Edition introduces a new concept: Studio Limited Edition, an energizing hub which welcomes worldwide artists and designers to collaborate with us on a collection of notable rugs. Our first guest is the Belgian interior designer Jean-Philippe Demeyer. The tufted rug ‘Fearless Living’ is the outcome of this collaboration.


284, Chaussée D’Aelbeke, 7700

Limited edition joins heritage, innovation and a keen eye for design. Combining age-old craftmanship with modern techniques and style, we deliver high-quality rugs, made in Belgium.

Limited Edition sees its origins in the nineties. Starting with sisal rugs in the backyard of her family home, Katia Dewitte quickly acquires the know-how and contacts to develop a flourishing business. Coming from a family rooted in the Flemish textile industry, a passion for fibre and a eye for colour were always part of her DNA. When the opportunity to purchase a tufting mill arose, the family-run company didn’t hesitate. They could take production in their own hands while safeguarding the elegant and age-old craft of tufting. Over time, Limited Edition has become an international player, with over 200 employees, showrooms in Paris and Brussels, and an impressive list of prestigious clients and projects. Still, local ties and a personal approach paly an important role. Sharing a passion for interior design, Katia Dewitte runs the company together with her husband, Philippe Hanet, and her brother, James Dewitte.

Together, they have turned Limited Edition into a vertically integrated venture, doing as much as they can under one roof. Weaving, tufting dyeing, spinning wool, … steps in the process happen at their own mills and factories, ensuring top-notch quality and service from beginning to end. All products are made in Belgium, delivering a superior quality and impeccable service. Every piece is made on demand. This means they offer a high level of personality: all products can be personalized in colour, shape and size. They rugs stand out in a single glance, as they are the wonderful result of hours or even days of intensive manual work.

Limited Edition strives for a sustainable approach in each step and invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and initiatives to keep up to speed. In a world that is changing fast, ecology and sustainability are an integral part of the philosophy. We are constantly working to aim higher, surprising the clients with distinguished design, innovation and the best service we can offer.