Comforting Curves

Ever wondered why you like that curvy, comfy looking couch at that lounge you frequent? 

Scientists and designers have published interesting research around why we find rounded soft surfaces pleasing and comfortable. There’s an interesting story involving the great architect Philip Johnson’s first visit to the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry. Upon seeing it, he started to cry. Whether or not Johnson and Gehry realized it, the Bilbao’s swirling facade tapped into a primal human emotion. 

Over several occasions and experiments, when asked to choose between a linear or curved object, they prefer the latter. The underlying reasoning is primal – we prefer curves because they signal a lack of threat. We see it as comforting, and are derive an innate pleasure from it. 

That goes for furniture too. If you’re not convinced, here are 6 products bound to make you feel great. 


The unmistakable EGG™ chair from Fritz Hansen is a great example of curved lines in industrial design. The Egg is one of the triumphs of designer Arne Jacobsen’s total design – a sculptural curvy contrast to the SAS Royal Hotel’s lobby in Copenhagen – the space for which is was commissioned at the time.


This funky shaped rug from Limited Edition is a groovy alternative to the standard rectangular shapes we commonly see. It’s available as broadloom and as rugs, ideally for residential but is suitable for moderate commercial use as well. 

Ellipso Duo Oval freestanding

Kaldewei uses soft and smooth curves in this tub’s inner contour to provide a new sense of security and comfort. The rounded shoulder section and carefully crafted side walls create a generously large space in which one can lean and relax. 


While oval and curved tables have been around for a while, the Essens combine versatility, beauty and harmonious proportions. Essens embraces curves in a sleek way to create shapes that are stylish and contemporary, suitable for nearly any design you’re looking for. 

Ceiling Panel Round Web

The biophilic design approach is personified well in the Ceiling Panel Round Web. It’s design is created by algorithm to mimic a spider web pattern; it not only creates visual beauty but improves room acoustics.

Eclipse Pendant Lamp

Characterized by simple and clean curves in a small but uber sleek aluminum profile, Eclipse tries to mimic the astronomical event of the same name with its black and white finishes and ring of light. The circular LED arrangements captures the beauty of this magnificent phenomenon into a stunning pendant light. 

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